➕clinically validated non-invasive AI holistic home healthcare for full body checkup, differential diagnosis and treatment of long undiagnosed recurrent diseases.


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Lyfas is an AI holistic home healthcare, for a full body checkup, differential diagnoses, and treatment of long undiagnosed health problems using clinically validated non-invasive technology with 93.4% diagnostic accuracy and 87% gold-standard precision. 

Mental Health, Metabolic Disorder, Cardiovascular Diseases, Pulmonary Diseases, Reproductive Health, and Musculoskeletal Health are our major specialization.

Our Specialization In Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Mental health(anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, cortisol, posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD),
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Health(Heart attack risks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, hypertension),
  • Metabolic Health(constipation, digestion, acidity, hairfall, diabetes, skin diseases, weight gain, fatigue),
  • Sexual-Reproductive Health(erectile dysfunction or ed for men, PCOS, urinary tract infection, prostate problems, infertility),
  • Musculoskeletal Health(Joint pain, migraine, arthritis, spondylitis  & spondylosis, low back pain) 

25 Chief Complaints of Our Patients

  1. Why does no one believe me?
  2. Why does no one understand me?
  3. Why does no one listen to me?
  4. Why do no doctors tell me what exactly has happened to me?
  5. I have shown all doctors, have done all the tests, nothing has come out. But I am worried, that I have some problems, can you tell me what?
  6. I do follow everything that doctors have suggested, why am I not recovering?
  7. I feel anxious most of the time, and have palpitations, I hear many young people dying of heart attacks. Am I safe?
  8. I don't smoke, drink, do bad things. I don't hurt other people. Then why am I suffering?
  9. Since COVID, I am feeling too tired, low energy, fatigued, can you help me?
  10. I have been doing yoga and meditation. Earlier I got relief, but now the condition is worsening. Why am I not recovering?
  11. I have suddenly started losing my hair, doing everything, but can't stop hair loss and thinning. Can you help me?
  12. I earn a lot and am successful. But money and growth are not making me happy. I feel lonely and depressed.
  13. Doctors say that I will never recover, and will have to take medicines all my life. 
  14. I have done everything, but I don't lose weight. After following weight loss programs, I lose some weight, then again regain. 
  15. I feel depressed because everyone judges me, advises me all the time.
  16. I can't connect with my partner. We don't have any intimacy and sex lives. Can you please help me?
  17. I have worked so hard and yet been denied a promotion by my boss. I feel hateful and depressed.
  18. I can't seem to meet anyone's expectations, no matter how hard I try. I don't feel like living.
  19. I can't sleep, I see bad nightmares, I wake up several times. Earlier medicine worked, now they are not working.
  20. I have had irregular periods ever since puberty. Sometimes I miss my periods for months. Then when I take medicine, I have my period. 
  21. I don't eat outside food, but my acidity is not going. 
  22. My family has a cancer history. Will I get cancer too?
  23. I don't want treatment, I just want to know what happened to me?
  24. The doctor says that I don't have any problems, and it is just my anxiety. But I know there are problems. 
  25. Nothing is right in my life, I can't fix anything. 

Timelines and Milestone of a Typical Indian Patient's Journey

From Illness to Lyfas , A Patient's Journey

Key Statistics of Lyfas Patients

Lyfas patient distribution, chief complaints, outcome of our services

Total Patients
Total Tests Done

Our Patient Distribution by Category

Our Curative Health Plans(Awareness, Aspiration, Actualization) and Preventive Health(Assurance) Plan

Lyfas Pricing Plan Comparisions

  • Health Awareness Plan
  • Health Ambition Plan
  • Premium
    Health Aspiration Plan
Services Health Awareness PlanHealth Ambition Plan
Health Aspiration Plan
One Time((1 Month)
One Time(2 Months)
One Time(75 days)
Lyfas Tests
3 tests/day, 3 days at the beginning, then once a day/week/month for monitoring based on the clinician's advice.
Mind Mapping(AI)
Detailed Chronological and Overall analysis of Mind, Emotion Analytics(Anger, Aggression, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swing, Cognition, Memory, Stress, Trauma, Energy)
Predictive Analytics(AI)
Detailed Organ, Body, Lifestyle, Illness Analytics(Cardiac Health, Reproductive Health, Immunity, Bones and Muscles, Digestive System, Excretory System, Bone and Muscles, Endocrine) Highlighting current and future health risks
Sexual Health Assessment(AI+Human Experts)
Libido, Reproductive System, Stimulation, Intimacy, Desire, Performance Anxiety, Discomfort, and overall sexual health assessment and preventive, curative guidelines.
Relationship Assessment(AI+Human Experts)
Key relationships and their effect on health, includes partner dynamic, parental dynamic and peer dynamics. Suggestion on Preventive measures
Causative Assessment(Human Expert)
What exactly has happened to you? When it started? Why you have this illness? What are the factors that caused your illness? When was the onset of your illness?
Prescriptive Therapeutics (Clinician)
Minimum medicine maximum outcome based prescriptions, with major focus on simple changes in life. We do not prescribe medicines unless and until that is absolutely essential. We take no "cuts" from pharma.
Preventive Therapeutics(Clinical+Healing)
Lifestyle changes, simple mental models, easy to adopt simple models, psychological models, behavioural models towards slowing down the progress of the current illness.
Curative Therapeutics(Healing)
Heal the inflammation in the body due to prolonged psychological, physiological conditions. Healing helps regenrating the cells, reverse biological aging, and trigger the biological repair mechanism in the body to help you recover faster.
Monitoring and Insight(AI & IOT)
Regular monitoring and health trend analysis through state of art IOT based dashboard, trends, insights
Autobiographical History(DHA)
Your detailed life history, captured through sessions after sessions of calls, so that we don't miss out incorporating any small or big events into your diagnosis.
Data Driven Improvement Tracking
Monthly Follow-up
Discount on Additional Family Members25% On All Services
Advanced AI+Human Expert based Analytics of X-ray, USG, CT-Scan, MRI, Other Radiology Tests 25% Discount on all future service and for the family members(on any plan)
Blood Test, ECG, ECHO Cardio, Treadmill Stress Test Analysis
Skin, Hair, Teeth, Nail, Tongue Analysis(AI) and Care
Sleep, Dream and Nightmare Analysis, Care
Detailed Psychoanalysis
For Whom?Self-Employed, Freshers, Students who are struggling to get it right in life and wants to take better care of themselves.IT Employees, Executives, Managers, On whom A Family, Project, Team is Dependent
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Health Actualization
Healing, Mentoring, Long-term Care for those, who has to take care of many, but no one to take care of them
7,500Per Month
  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    Extreme Mood Swing, Relationship Anxiety, Impulsiveness, Aggression, Sleep Deficiency, Depression, Unstable Relationship, Disconnected with Self, Loneliness, Boredom, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Low BP, 

  • Anger and Aggression

    Rage, Extreme Uncontrolled Anger, Extreme Reactions, High BP,  Kidney Disease, Jealousy, and Envy,  High Heart Rate

  • Anxiety

    Uncertainty, Indecisiveness, Peer-Pressure, Family Pressure, Unknown Fear, Nightmares,  Palpitation, Sweating, Heavy Breathing, Depression, Nail Biting, Comparision by Family(Triangulation), 

  • Recovery from Narcissistic Trauma and Injury

    Low Self-Esteem, Emotional Withdrawal, Inability to Connect, Hypothyroidism, Severe Depression, Insomnia, Walking on Shells, Violence, Experience of Rage, Withdrawal Symptom, 

  • Intimacy and Sexual Health

    Fear of Intercourse, Extreme Pain in Intercourse, Vaginal Dryness, Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Loss of Interest, Loss of Libido, Partner's Rejection, Imperfection Complexity, Intimacy Deficiency 

  • Codependency and Confidence

    Low Self-confidence, constant manipulation by others, gaslighting, bully, mocking, underperformance, cluelessness, partner begging, emotional thrashing, fear of being lonely, suffocating, recurrent trauma

  • Mentoring

    Feeling Fatherless/guardianless, instability of personality, lack of direction, lack of self-understanding, confusion, social awkwardness, fear in interacting with the other gender, Bad Boss, Relationship Trauma, Professional Turmoil, Financial indiscipline, Relationship turmoil, Social skills

  • Chronic Care

    Cancer, Allergy, Insomnia, Fatty Liver, PCOS, and PCOD, Acidity, Acne, Hairfall, Tiredness, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Recurrent Infections,  Joint Pain, Back pain, Bad Breath, Bad Body Odour, Excess Body Hair, 

  • Parenting

    Complete Knowledge and Support on parenting, child's upbringing, monitoring, advice, development,  growth, memory, intelligence, creativity, happiness, social skills.

  • Couple Care

    Intimacy, Emotional guidance, Child planning, Sexual life planning, Guidance in external interference, Childlessness, Conflicts,  Financial Planning,  Relationship Growth Planning,   

Family Phenotyping
Entire Family's Health As Single Health Entity Based on Rosetto Principle of Cardiovascular Health
999Each Member
  • Family Phenotyping

    First time ever in the world, fingerprinting the entire family's Mind & Metabolic Health with  Lyfas Biomarker based Phenotyping. Your health can not be seen just as an independent entity, it depends upon the entire family's phenotype

Why Lyfas? How Lyfas Works? When to Use Lyfas? Lyfas Validity and Science

Know More About Us

  • How Lyfas Works
  • Why Lyfas Test
  • Lyfas Vs Blood Test
  • Lyfas Experience
  • Lyfas Science
  • Lyfas Publications

Lyfas Mind-Body Homeostasis Assessment and Therapeutics Infographic

  • 1

    😢You Are Sad About Your Deteriorating Health

    You have been suffering for quite some time now. You have spent a lot of money and have shown many doctors. You have done almost everyone test possible, but are unable to understand what is the problem with you. Perhaps you want to heal now, or perhaps you are better than the rest of the population and just want to know your health risks beforehand so that you can take precautionary measures.

  • 2

    📇Book Your Lyfas Test

    Book Lyfas Test by filling the simple form. Finally, you are taking one great step towards your health. You will not regret, because we won't misguide you. We can't promise how much improvement you will see, but we promise that you will learn about your life and health, like never before and your quality of life will improve. This is our guarantee.

    Book your Lyfas test by filling this simple form.

  • 3

    👩🏻‍⚕️ Your Health Assistant Will Call You

    She will talk to you about your current health concerns and guide you with the right steps.

    We love talking to you and don't charge money for the same.

  • 4

    💳You Make the Payment and Register

    You make online payments and register. You will provide various other health data and records that you already have, including your prescriptions, and medical history. This is not mandatory, but the more details you share, the better our AI and Specialist Doctors diagnose you. Installation Link, along with instructions will be given to you as to how to take the test.

    Lyfas Test Screen and Technology

    Screen Showing Lyfas Test Screen and Technology. How we work on Photoplethysmography Principle and HRV

  • 5

    📱You take 3 Minute's Lyfas Test for 3 Days

    Watch how simple it is to take your Lyfas test.

  • 6

    📊 Our AI Builds Your Analytics

    Lyfas Mind-Body Analytics

    Lyfas Mind-Body Analytics Showing all the trends about your mind and health.

     Lyfas provides one of the best AI-enabled detailed analytics that you can ever get in healthcare. Physiology, Psychology, Pathology, Philosophy, Biochemistry, and Digital Phenotyping is used to provide the most comprehensive and holistic, clinically validated health snapshot.

  • 7

    👩🏻‍⚕️Your Health Assistant Takes Your History Over A Call

    Lyfas History taking sample Lyfas sample of taking history and correlating with various illness and disorders.

  • 8

    👨🏻‍⚕️You Have Clinical Consultancy for Body and Organ 👫

  • 9

    👨🏻‍🏫You Have Healer Consultancy For Mind And Emotions🧠

  • 10

    🔬 We Diagnose your Condition and Explain

  • 11

    📋 We Give You Prescription and Lifestyle Suggestion

  • 12

    📈📉 Your Data is Compared And Explained

  • 13

    📕We Close the Case After Four Consultancies Are Over

  • 14

    😁You Become Happy And Satisfied

    Our 43% of Patients have gone on to become our investors. 

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    🦸‍♂️ You Become Our Preventive Digital Health Evangelist

Why does your doctor prescribe a Homeostasis Test?

Everything in the body, from energy to water, from pressure to sugar, is managed through a mind-body interplay. This interplay also tries to manage when you have a pathological condition like Hypertension or Diabetes. Without knowing the interplay and how homeostasis is changing in your body, it is extremely hard for the doctor to diagnose your underneath condition effectively, and also to discover the root cause. Without a homeostasis test, your body’s response to the medicine and clinical management can not be measured. Hence homeostasis test is one of the most important tests, needed for proper diagnosis, root cause analysis, and prognosis purposes.

Homeostasis and Its Importance

Your Mind-Body tries to balance the electrochemical system in you to keep you healthy and alive. Temperature, Fluid, Minerals, Blood-Pressure,  Sugar, Energy, everything is managed and balanced by the mind and body through an effective feedback-based control mechanism.

For example, you do not have access to food and your body needs energy, it can break down the stored fat to generate energy. When you are attacked by pathogens, it increases your body temperature to make it difficult for the pathogens to reproduce and spread. When you intake more sugar, more insulin is produced to metabolize it.

When you go to cold weather, your body drops blood pH and increases the internal temperature.

However, due to Aging, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Sleep Deficiency, improper food, Negative Emotions, Overthinking, overwork, and many such factors, the body often times has to work much harder and get less rest. That is when the Homeostasis is affected and the body and mind together can not compensate for the condition.

After a long time, this loss of homeostasis becomes a cascading effect and result in pathological disease conditions.

Lyfas helps you and your clinician detect this entire psychophysiological homeostasis management of your body so that you get to know the root of the disease. You not only manage the disease with medicine but also eliminate the root cause and heal.

I do regular blood tests, then why do I require Lyfas?

A pathology test like ECG, blood tests, ultrasound gives only the pathology of the body, or the structural state of the body, whereas a Homeostasis test provides the functional state of the body.

A blood test is like an Exam result. A good result doesn’t mean good knowledge, and the same way poor result doesn’t mean bad knowledge. Same way, good attendance in the class doesn’t mean that the student is attentive. The teacher has to monitor the behavior and participation of the student.

In the same way, a doctor can not make any conclusion about how your body is responding to the disease and the illness, why the illness progressed into a disease, whether the medicines are working, whether your lifestyle is helping the body etc. Therefore, just the pathology is only one side of your health story. Hence all the good doctors advise you a homeostasis test. 

Experience the most extra-ordinary human-centric medical experience you ever had

We spend hours listening to you, your story, your pain, your life, your childhood, your dreams, your family, your work, and incorporate the learning into diagnosis

We know that everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen. Even when people listen to you, they just wait for their turn to give judgment and advice to you. We value you and your life. Therefore we listen to you, for hours and days. Your digital health assistant listens to your story and documents your life’s chronology. Our AI engine not only analyzes biomarkers from your Lyfas tests but also gathers insights from your life to present the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate medical report of yours.

Your digital health assistant follows up with you regularly and helps you through your journey of not only managing your disease but also the healing process.


The Science Behind Lyfas

Lyfas works on the principles of Photo-plethysmography, Photo-chromatography, Arterial Plethymography, Left-Right Cardiovascular Coherence,  Orthostatic Homeostasis. It captures the optical changes in your finger capillary bypassing the mobile flashlight through your body’s vascular network.

From this signal, it extracts Pulse Rate Variability: a marker for your Autonomic Nervous SystemArterial Stiffness: a marker for your Vascular healthLR-CV Coherence: a marker for your left and right side’s balance, Orthostatic Homeostasis:  A marker for your body’s homeostasis between sitting and standing posture, Biological Age: A marker for your disease and treatment prognosis, Photo-Chromatography Spectrum:  A marker for your body’s functional blood biochemistry, Hemodynamic: Your blood’s physical properties.

 These vitals are also called digital biomarkers. Lyfas extracts 101 such clinically proven digital biomarkers. Then it gives a snapshot of your MIND-ORGAN-BODY-ILLNESS-LIFESTYLE-EMOTIONS called MOBILE Homeostasis.


Lyfas Publications

Lyfas is a rigorously developed and validated Scientific Product. Our Science principle:: Explore, Innovate, Correlate, Validate, Iterate, Collaborate, Integrate

Hrudyalysis: A Novel Cloud-Based ECG Analytics Method

12-Lead ECG devices are costly and reed a trained technician for taking the test and a clinician for handling complex and burdensome diagnosis methods.
In this research work, a single-lead ECG device has been proposed which is of low cost, and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases is carried out with the aid of a cloud
computing environment.

Cite this Paper: Radha, B. K., Bharati Harsoor, and Rupam Das. “Hrudyalysis: A Novel Cloud-Based ECG Analytics Method.”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-3, September 2019

Read the full-length paper here.

A Novel Framework for Prediction and Detection of Myocardial Ischemia with Single Lead ECG and PAT


The Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Arrival Time are combined using a single lead ECG and simultaneous capture of the arterial pulse. The test procedure is carried out on 75 subjects consisting of a male(80%) and female(20%) with 39 existing MI cases, 24 long-term diabetics with high MI probability, and other normal subjects. This system could detect all the MI cases with 100% accuracy, including 7 cases where the subjects had hypertension with MI.

Cite this Paper: Radha, B. K., Bharati Harsoor, and Rupam Das. “A Novel Framework for Prediction and Detection of Myocardial Ischemia with Single Lead ECG and PAT.” 2018 International Conference on Research in Intelligent and Computing in Engineering (RICE). IEEE, 2018.

Download Lyfas MI Paper

Lyfas® In Enabling Early Detection Of Covid-19 Infection Among Asymptomatic Individuals

A controlled clinical study was conducted in 25(n=25) subjects to prove the hypothesis and establish the difference in LYFAS_COVID_SCORE between an infected and non-infected group of individuals. The LYFAS_COVID_SCORE derived out of this clinical study was found to be different between the two groups. The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of the study were found to be 92%, 93.2%, and 90% respectively.

Read Lyfas Covid full paper

Evaluation Of Non-Invasive Smartphone-Based Digital Biomarker Tool Lyfas® In Detecting Sleep Deficiency And Its Effects: A Retrospective Observational Study

|. PRINT ISSN No 2249 – 555X | DOI : 10.36106/ijar
Lyfas detected sleep deficiency in the test and further in the online consultation patient confirmed whether they are having sleep deficiency or not. Also, physiological and psychological effects of sleep deficiency on the human body were also evaluated. Of the 68 patients, 50 were male and 18 were female. Out of 68 patients in which Lyfas had detected sleep deficiency, the majority of the patients (n=52, 76 %) had confirmed sleep deficiency during a subsequent online consultation.

Cite this Paper: Rupam Das, Deepa HS,  “Evaluation Of Non-Invasive Smartphone-Based Digital Biomarker Tool Lyfas® In Detecting Sleep Deficiency And Its Effects: A Retrospective Observational Study”, Indian Journal Of Applied Research, Volume – 11, Issue – 01, January – 2021 

Read Lyfas Sleep full paper

CHAR: A Novel Cloud-Based Live Health Augmented Reality Framework

In this work, we propose a unique cloud-based augmented reality health vital framework that extracts continuous pulse rate and pulse signal from user face images using cloud-based face detection, intensity normalization, facial contour tracking, atrial vascular network correlation on the face, and temporal peak detection. The proposed method is validated in real-time under a controlled clinical environment and provides an overall accuracy of 91%.

Cite this Paper: Sirse, Deepa, Baswaraj Gadgay and Rupam Das. “CHAR: A Novel Cloud-Based Live Health Augmented Reality Framework.”, (2019).

Download Face-based Health Vital Paper

VIRDOCD: A VIRtual DOCtor to predict dengue fatality

The present study is an attempt to propose a complementary medical front by mathematically modeling the ‘Clinical Eye’ of a VIRtual DOCtor, using statistical and machine intelligence tools (SMI), to analyze Dengue epidemic infected patients (100 case studies with 11 weighted sign-symptoms). The SMI in VIRDOCD reads medical data and translates these into a vector comprising multiple linear regression (MLR) coefficients to predict infection severity grades of dengue patients that clone the clinician’s experience-based assessment. Risk managed through ANOVA, the dengue severity grade prediction accuracy from VIRDOCD is found higher (ca 75%) than conventional clinical practice (ca 71.4%, mean accuracy profile assessed by a team of 10 senior consultants).

Cite this Paper: Chattopadhyay AK, Chattopadhyay S. VIRDOCD: A VIRtual DOCtor to predict dengue fatality. Expert Systems. 2021 Sep 13:e12796.

Read ML-based Dengue paper

Predicting Case Fatality of Dengue Epidemic: Statistical Machine Learning Towards a Virtual Doctor

Dengue fever is a self-limiting communicable viral disease, transmitted through mosquito bites. Its Case
Fatality Grade (CFG) varies across populations due to variations in viral load, immunity of the patient, early diagnosis, and
availability of high-end treatment facilities. This study describes an initial effort to automate the process of Dengue CFG
predictions. Results show that both
classifiers are effective in early screening with similar accuracy levels (68% for MLR versus 72% for MnLR) although precision levels are far superior with MnLR (88%) than MLR (61%).

Cite this Paper:  Chattopadhyay, Subhagata, Amit Chattopadhyay, and Elias Aifantis. “Predicting Case Fatality of Dengue Epidemic: Statistical Machine Learning Towards a Virtual Doctor.” Journal of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Treatment 7 (2021): 10-24.

Read Dr. Subhagata’s Dengue ML Paper

Towards Grading Chest X-rays of COVID-19 Patients Using A Dynamic Radial Basis Function Network Classifier

the raw chest X-ray images are denoised with a Gaussian filter during pre-processing followed by the Regions of Interest, and Edge Features are identified using Canny’s edge detector algorithm. Standardized Edge Features become the training inputs to a Dynamic Radial Basis Function Network classifier, developed from scratch. Results show that the developed classifier is 88% precise and 86% accurate in classifying the grade of illness with a much faster processing speed.

Cite this Paper:  Chattopadhyay, Subhagata. “Towards Grading Chest X-rays of COVID-19 Patients Using A Dynamic Radial Basis Function Network Classifier.” Artificial Intelligence Evolution (2021): 81-95.

Read COVID Xray Classification paper of Dr. Subhagata

Comparing Heart Rate Variability with Polar H10 Sensor and Pulse Rate Variability with LYFAS: A Novel Study

Parameters, such as (i) HR, (ii) RMSSD, (iii) pNN50, (iv) SDNN, and (v) LF/HF are captured from a total of 567 healthy Indian
adults (312 males and 255 females) using PK(Polar+Kubios) and L(Lyfas) simultaneously.  Lyfas shows encouraging
averages for males and females respectively ‘Regression’ (84%, 70%), ‘Specificity’ (95%, 87%), ‘Accuracy’ (82%, 79%), ‘Precision’ (87%, 69%),’F Score’(1.4836, 1.3706) and ‘Youden’s Index’ (79%, 81%) for HR, SDNN, RMSSD, and pNN50 respectively.

Cite this Paper: Subhagata Chattopadhyay, Rupam Das,” Comparing Heart Rate Variability with Polar H10 Sensor and Pulse Rate Variability with LYFAS: A Novel Study”, Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 2021, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1-9

Read Online Lyfas Polar H10+Kubios Comparison Milestone Paper

Towards Cardiac Risk Monitoring of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy using Lyfas

Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a progressive neuromuscular disorder affecting male children of a
career mother, as seen in more than 70% of cases. It is an X-linked recessive disease that affects 1 in 3600-6000 live male births. As the child grows, muscles are progressively wasted and degenerated in the body.

As time passes, it also involves intercostal and heart muscles leading to cardiorespiratory failure and death. Lyfas report focuses on capturing digital cardiovascular biomarkers at the backdrop of DMD and understanding the physiological aspect of the disorder and its progression, especially the risk of the involvement of cardiac muscles.

Cite this Paper: Rupam Das, Subhagata Chattopadhyay, “Towards Cardiac Risk Monitoring of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy
using Lyfas”, Journal of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Treatment, 2021, 7, 25-32

Download Lyfas Duchenne CVD Risk Paper

Test Various Health Risks, Starting from Cardiovascular to Mental Health Risks, with Industry gold standard instruments, Validated with Lyfas tests and patients.

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