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Book your Lyfas test by filling a simple form. Our team will reach out to you and will explain you about the test, process and cost. Make the payment.

We assign you a Personal Digital Health Assistant

You share your symptoms, concerns, history, and life’s story with your personal digital health assistant. She will guide you through installation process and will coordinate between you and our clinical team.

Install Lyfas Clinical Application and Take Test

Lyfas is a clinical grade clinical-Android application. It will take only 5 miutes for you to install and take the test. You need to take the test three times a day for three days before food.

Get AI Powered Mind-Body Homeostasis Report

Based on over 50,000 patient’s records, our powerful ML has learned more about the interplay of mind-body, then any other systems ever. You will get a detailed AI enabled report about your Mind-Body homeostasis.

Get Expert Clinical & Functional Consultancy

Our Functional consultant will explain you about your medical condition, and how it got developed. He will heal you through explaining the events in life that has stressed you to cause the clinical condition, so that you can make peace with the situation and heal. Our Clinical Consultant will help you with proper prescriptions to manage your condition.

Follow Clinical Guidance and Monitor to measure your improvement

You will weekly monitor your Mind-Body homeostasis through Lyfas application. Your Digital Health Assistant will followup regularly to help you follow the clinical guidance. You will also have a weekly Functional and bi-weekly Clinical consultancy.

Experience the most extra-ordianary human-centric medical experience you ever had

We spend hours to listen to you, your story, your pain, your life, your childhood, your dreams, your family, your work, and incorporate the learning into diagnosis

We know that everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen. Even when people listen to you, they just wait for their turn to give judgement and advise to you. We value you and your life. Therefore we listen to you, for hours and days. Your digital health assistant listens to your story and document your life’s chronology. Our AI engine not only analyze biomarkers from your Lyfas tests, but also gather insights from your life to present the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate medical report of yours. Your digital health assistant follows up with you regularly and help you through your journey of not only managing your disease, but also the healing process.

Why your doctor prescribe a Homeostasis Test?

Everything in the body, from energy to water, from pressure to sugar, is managed through an mind-body interplay. This interplay also tries to manage when you have a pathological condition like Hypertension or Diabetes. Without knowing the interplay and how homeostasis is changing in your body, it is extremely hard by the doctor to diagnose your underneath condition effectively, and also to discover the root cause. Without a homeostasis test, your body’s response to medicine and clinical management can not be measured. Hence homeostasis test is one of the most important tests, needed for peoper diagnosis, root cause analysis and prognosis purpose.

Homeostasis and Its Importance

Your Mind-Body tries to balance the electro-chemical system in you to keep you healthy and alive. Temperature, Fluid, Minerals, Blood-Pressure,  Sugar, Energy, everything is managed and balanced by the mind and body through an effective feedback based control mechanism.

For example, you do not have access to food and body needs energy, it can break down the stored fat to generate energy. When you are attacked by pathogens, it increase your body temperature to make it difficult for the pathogens to reproduce and spread. When you intake more sugar, more insulin is produced to metabolize it. When you go to  cold-weather, your body drops blood pH and increase the internal temperature. However, due to Aging, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Sleep Deficiency, improper food, Negative Emotions, Overthinking, Over-work, and many such factors, the body often times has to work much harder and get less rest. That is when the Homeostasis is affected and the body and mind together can not compensate for the condition. After a long time, this loss of homeostasis becomes a cascading effect and result in pathological disease condition. Lyfas helps you and your clinician detect this entire psychophysiological homeostasis management of your body, so that you get to know the root of the disease. You not only manage the disease with medicine, but also eliminate the root-cause and heal.

I do regular blood tests, why I need Lyfas Homeostasis Test?

A pathology test like ECG, blood tests, ultrasound gives only the pathology of the body, or the structural state of the body, whereas a Homeostasis test provides the functional state of the body. A blood test is like the Exam result. A good result doesn’t mean good knowledge, and the same way poor result doesn’t mean bad knowledge. Same way, a good attendance in the class doesn’t means that the student is attentive. The teacher has to monitor the behavior and participation of the student. In the same way, a doctor can not make any conclusion about how your body is responding to the disease and the illness, why the illness progressed into a disease, whether the medicines are working, whether your lifestyle is helping the body etc. Therefore, just the pathology is only one side of your health story. Hence all the good doctors advise you a homeostasis test. 

The Science Behind Lyfas

Lyfas works on the principles of Photo-plethysmography, Photo-chromatography, Arterial Plethymography, Left-Right Cardiovascular Coherence,  Orthostatic Homeostasis. It captures the optical changes in your finger capillary by passing the mobile flash light through your body’s vascular network.

From this signal, it extracts Pulse Rate Variability: a marker for your Autonomic Nervous System, Arterial Stiffness: a marker for your Vascular health, LR-CV Coherence: a marker for your left and right side’s balance, Orthostatic Homeostasis:  A marker for your body’s homeostasis between sitting and standing posture, Biological Age: A marker for your disease and treatment prognosis, Photo-Chromatography Spectrum:  A marker for your body’s functional blood biochemistry, Hemodynamic: Your blood’s physical properties.  These vitals are also called digital biomarkers. Lyfas extracts 101 such clinically proven digital biomarkers. Then it gives a snapshot of your MIND-ORGAN-BODY-ILLNESS-LIFESTYLE-EMOTIONS called MOBILE Homeostasis.

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