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COVID Home Monitoring

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Remote COVID Support

The most efficient and trusted team to support you in the most difficult times of the COVID. From handling your anxiety, to supporting you remotely with our specially designed clinical protocol for Spo2 management. A team that remains with you 24×7 virtually. Talk to us to know the real difference. 

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Critical COVID Emergency

SpO2 falling fast and below 90? Temperature above 101? No hospital beds availabe? Searching for Oxygen and not available? No one to talk to? Panic at home? Feeling helpless? Don’t worry, we are there with you. Just give us a call and we will stabilize the patient with our clinical team

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Regular Monitoring

Mild Symptoms? Unsure of what to do? or Covid positive and don’t know how the body is doing? Our tool and clinical team will help you to track your complete health and immunity regularly to help you avoid the anxiety.

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Hospital Bed

Looking for a bed? Not being able to get what is needed calling the available numbers from the social media? Reach out to us, we can help you find a bed through our network of partner hospitals.

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Always Available Medical Team

You have taken advices from the doctor in your friend circle and relatives. Not every doctor is equipped with panic situation and emergency care, more so in a remote setup. Reach to our clinical team for second opinion, guidance, analysis and explanation of your reports. This will calm your nerves.

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Analyze complete MOBILE(mind, organ, body, illness, lifestyle, and  emotions) in three minutes.

Lyfas is a rigorously tested and validated smartphone technology with clinical-grade accuracy


Lyfas captures light reflection in finger capillary using smartphone camera and then using the principle of photo-plethysmography extracts capillary pulse(like Pulse Oxymeter). It then separates the Arterial pulse(called Arterial plethysmography), and light scatter spectrum(called Photo-Chromatography). From the pulse signal, it calculates Pulse Rate Variability, which is a sarrogate marker for Heart Rate Variability(HRV). It then uses set of stress tests like Orthostatic Homeostasis and Stair Sub-optimal Vo2Max to measure body’s dynamic response.  Finally, it extracts 101 digital biomarkers from these signals. Then using AI and Heuristics, a complete snapshot of MOBILE(Mind, Organ, Body, Illness, lifestyle and Emotions) are generated.


Lyfas uses Mixed Intelligence, a combinatory framework of Artificial Intelliegence, Data Science and Human Intelliegence. The AI is internet independent heuristic framework that classifies the biomarkers into different MOBILE(Mind, Organ, Body, Illness, Lifestyle, Emotions) categories and then helps a clinician to diagnose various illnesses using their clinical accumen. We use mobile sensors and 


We serve a sophisticated advance digital health technology with love, passion and empathy by our dedicated team. Our USP is the tailor-made human interaction. 
We thrive on relationships. We build long term relationships and positivity. You will always have someone to reach out to. 


Lyfas is primarily a functional diagnosis tool. A functional diagnosis measures body’s response to an illness, as opposed to a structural diagnosis that measures  changes in the body due to an illness. Lyfas measures Homeostasis (body balance), Inflammation that results from loss of homeostasis and the set of Root-Causes, resulting in the condition. 
Lyfas combines Physiology, Pathology, Psychology, Clinical History, Emotions, Thoughts, Environment, Feelings, Childhood, Relationships, Stress, Lifestyle, Family History, Genomics, Embryology, Ethology, Evolution, Energy science into the diagnosis for most comprehensive detailed preventive and predictive diagnosis, along with an in-depth health story. 


 German New Medicine, invented by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, says that there is no disease or illness. Every illness including cancer is a compensatory mechanism to deal with an underneath conflict or mental pain. 
“Yat bhavam tat bhavati”is a Sanskrit saying which means that as you think, so you become.  We use this ancient wisdom with GNM to correlate your clinical conditions with your thought and emotions. We then use Power Threat Meaning Framework(PTMF)  to explain you, your detailed diagnosis. The framework has proven that we can deal with the condition better, as soon as we understand why the condition has happened.
We then use, proven home-remedies(HOREM) to holistically heal you. This process is accelerated by several lifestyle intervention (LI) methods that we have developed and tested. We prepare your mind and body better for the recovery, so that your medicine has better outcome. 

Lyfas analyses your MOBILE(Mind, Organ, Body, Illness, Lifestyle and Emotions) just from a three minute’s test from mobile using our patented and clinically proven technology.

Lyfas Health Screening  
Lyfas health screening is a primary but comprehensive health check that can be availed by individuals, organizations for their employees, for your complete family. When you book a Lyfas test with us, our Warriors visit your place. They take your test and explain you the basic report, along with explaining basic precautionary measures that you need to take. You can also book an online consultancy with our specialist clinicians.

Lyfas is to your health, what CCTV is to your premise
You deploy CCTV in your premise for monitoring and preventing a theft and robbery. The same way, Lyfas observes your body through the camera and provides you detailed health report which enables you to know if there is any underneath early illness, so that you can take preventive and precautionary measures to avoid diseases. It saves you time, money and pain by helping you to avoid an illness.

How Lyfas Works

Lyfas is complete preventive and predictive digital health technology.
A. Screening:  You book your test. Our Health warrior visits your place. They take your test along with other vitals like BP, Temperature, Spo2. You can also get this test done in our partner clinics.
B. Report: In three minute’s test from the smartphone of warrior, you get a 12 page comprehensive digital report. The warrior then explains you about the basic interpretation.
C. Consulting:  Our back-end clinical team evaluates your report, fixes an appointment, and the clinician provides you tele-consulting for free. They suggest you our GNM, PTMF, HOREM, LI based therapeutics with no side-effects.
D. Monitoring:  Our digital health assistants (remote team of all females), keeps in touch with you, follows you up with regular tips. Your periodic test is taken, and the therapeutics is adjusted accordingly. We remain connected till you get healed completely.

Lyfas Health Profiling

Lyfas health profiling
Lyfas health profiling is delivered through the digital channel, through our Digital Health Assistant girls. This test measures your body’s functioning throughout the day to create a detailed profile of your health. This profile helps you to understand your body and mind better through our clinical team.
1. You book your Lyfas test.
2. Our DHA calls you and explains the process. They send you a payment link.
3. You make your payment online.
4. They send you an Application Link, install process, demo videos and guide you from installation to test taking.
5. You install the application, take the test and send the report to our DHA. 
6. DHA checks the quality of the report and guides you if certain things need to change.
7. You take three tests a day (before breakfast, before lunch and before diner) for over next three days.
8. AI based analytics of your mind and body is generated.
9. Your DHA then coordinates with you and clinician for your consultancy and monitoring.

Accuracy and Reliability


1. RedHat Linux CodeHealthy Global Contest for Medical Innovation: Winner
2. NVIDIA Ideathon: Runner Up
3. Elevate 2018, Winner
4. ICICI Appathon 2017, Winner
5. HDFC Life Mobility Challenge, Runner Up
6. Featured as one of the innovative single lead ECGs by Persistence Market Research
7. Winner, OJAS HealthTech Challenge
8. 2nd Runner Up, Fortis Health Challenge1. RedHat Linux CodeHealthy Global Contest for Medical Innovation: Winner
2. NVIDIA Ideathon: Runner Up
3. Elevate 2018, Winner
4. ICICI Appathon 2017, Winner
5. HDFC Life Mobility Challenge, Runner Up
6. Featured as one of the innovative single lead ECGs by Persistence Market Research
7. Winner, OJAS HealthTech Challenge
8. 2nd Runner Up, Fortis Health Challenge
9. Winner, DST Kawach Grant for COVID
10. Top 10 Startups, Loreal Slingshot challange


1) BL Kapoor, Delhi
2) Fortis Health
3) Gulbarga Heart Foundation
4) Highcare, Chennai
5) Tosh, Chennai


1912 Patients in Multi-site study on various parameters with an average Clinical-Grade accuracy of 93.4%, Sensitivity of 90%, Specificity of 88%.

The Lyfas Advantage

Lyfas scores over all the other available preventive health test services in the market today in aspects that matters to you, ie, Cost, Comfort, Convenience, Clinical Accuracy, Completeness, Comprehensiveness, Credibility, Frugality. 
Lyfas is made-in-India to meet the health need of the population in 21st century. We are one of the most scalable health technologies available today. The reason we are being so affordable is because we have developed the product very frugally and with the support of government of India and government of Karnataka. We thrive on our solid patented science, vast cross-discipline clinical knowledge, in-practice validation, customer and partner feedback. 

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There are already so many health apps, which is like pack of chips that you use alone as a quick-fix for hunger

Health apps helps you to monitor some of your vitals and provides you with insights and trends about your improvements. They also recommend you to adopt different lifestyle changes to improve your health. But everything is App and AI managed and there is no human factor. It is like a pack of chips; you open and eat when hungry.

Lyfas is not an App, but a clinical-grade Application that is served by love and care. It is like a complete Indian meal, prepared and served by mother to the entire family.

Lyfas is more like the mother, who prepares a complete Indian meal, a meal that is scientifically proven to be best for digestion and loaded with nutrition. She serves the meal with love, care, passion. 
One of the reasons for illness is loneliness. Many of the health problems are solved just by talking your pain with someone whoOne of the reasons for illness is loneliness. Many of the health problems are solved just by talking your pain with someone, who listens to you without judging. Thats what we do with Lyfas. We serve a sophisticated technology with passionate and empathetic human touch. 

We support most pressing chronic, mental and emotional health illnesses.

Lyfas supports wide variety of clinical conditions, diseases, illnesses. We help the clinicians to find out the root cause associated with a condition and the patients the detailed health story that leads to the condition. Such an elaborated story helps the patients to accept their condition better and take better care of their health. We not only help the patients to find a disease before it strikes, we also protect them from untimely and sudden events. Lyfas can predict any events associated with any organs because all the organs are connected through Autonomic Nervous System. So with Lyfas, you can Predict, Prevent, and Protect health of your entire family.







Our Team

Acculi is people’s company. Akbar Bhai, a tenth pass and one who ran Kirana shop for 25 years, reached to the board after joining the company as a clerk at 20,000/- salary. Shabnam who joined us as a nurse advanced to become our head of data. Nimmi who joined us as an intern goes on to become head of B2B business and creatives. Yogesh and Ani, former interns with Integrated Ideas advanced to head the Analytics and Technology. Munna, an ex-Oyo desk boy heads the liaising. Dr. Surabhi, a dentist by degree, who was running operations in a hospital in UP, and who fought general assembly elections of UP in 2016, becomes our consultancy head with her sheer hard work, passion and discipline. Tarakesh, a poet and a stand-up comedian, reinvented his passion in coding to become our lead Android dev. Balaji joined us as a data entry operator, to go onto become head of IT and handling DHA Data.  Manjula with 25 years as HR, re-joins her passion for human resources after a break. From HR, operations, she goes on to head HR and Admin. Navya after leadership positions in Hospitality industry for 13 years, shifts to challenging healthcare sector to become the mentee of DHA.  Navin, after 13 years in Pharma, and four years in Construction re-innovates his passion for managing large sales network and becomes head of our associate business. 

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Founder, CEO, 

Akbar Patel

Co-founder, Director, Head of Sales


Co-founder, Head of Creative, B2B


Co-founder, Head, Data


Head, Deals

Dr. Surabhi

Head, Clinical Consultancy


Head, Algorithm and Analytics


Head, HR and Admin


Head, Technology


Lead Android Dev


Data, IT, DHA


Head, Warriors


Head, Associates


Health Warrior


Health Warrior


Health Warrior


Health Warrior 

Dr. Pradeep B. E.

MD in Pharmachology, Clinical Consultant

Dr. Mini Mehta

Homeopath, Clinical Consultant

Dr. Satbir Singh

Interventional Cardiologist, Clinical Consultant

Dr. Deepa H. S.

MD In Physiology, Clinical Consultant

Dr. Parimal Swamy

Diabetologist, Consultant Clinician

Dr. Dushyant

MBBS, Diagnosis

Dr. Kartick

MBBS, Diagnosis

Lyfas in OPD

Add digital AI technology as a new dimension to your Clinical Acumen

Often basic vitals like height, weight, BP and temperature are checked in the OPD. However, these vitals do not assist you much. As a tech-savy doctor, you look for more insights of your patient. Lyfas gives you that edge over other doctors. You can offer Lyfas test to those patients who you doubt of having far complex underneath condition than their physiology suggests. It assists you in following ways:-
1) Digital AI based Examination:  It takes 15-20 minutes for you to perform detailed physical examination. This in a busy OPD is unrealistic. Your compunder can take Lyfas test of your patient, while they are waiting. Lyfas provides a detailed AI based digital analysis of MOBILE (Mind, Organ, Body, illness and Emotions). It saves your 15 minute’s time for each patient. 
2) Differential Diagnosis:  Several clinical condition share similar range of symptoms. While diagnosing a condition, you often want to make sure that other possibilities are absent. You may also want to evaluate the co-morbidities.
3) Causation:  This is where it adds most value to your practice. You can determine the underneath cause of a clinical condition. For instance, you can find out wheather a hypertension is due to Atherosclerosis, or physiological vasoconstriction, or Anxiety or inflammation. If inflammation, then which particular organ.
4) Prognosis: Lyfas helps you to measure the improvement in the patient in subsequent visits through its 101 digital biomarkers. You can demonstrate the improvement to the patient. 
5) Evidence based Medicine:  Many conditions, for example Anxiety and Stress never had any quantitive tools. You always dependend on qustionere and physical examination. Many a times, a patient either denies a condition or is not aware of the same. No one wants to feel too much ill. Lyfas gives you the evidences of Lack of Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, which helps you to adjust your doses or advice lifestyle changes based on evidences. 
6) Advicing Costly Tests:  Many a times when you advice costly tests like ECHO to a patient, he doesn’t undergo the test to save money. Lyfas helps you to explain the patient with evidence why it is important for the patient to go for the detailed pathology test.

Lyfas is the most comprehensive and advanced screening technique you ever wanted.

Turn your Pharmacy into digital screening Center

Pharmacies in India works as primary care center. Many regular patients come to your pharma to take medicines for different symptoms. Lyfas is turning Pharmacies into digital screening center. We empower the pharmacists with our technology. If you are a pharmacist who is looking to offer a value-addition to your services, consider pluging in Lyfas. You can offer basic health test to the patients who visits your shop. You can use Lyfas as primary screening tool to also advice additional Supplements or refer them to a doctor.
With your knowledge in medicine, symptoms and basic understanding of health, you have the potential to become primary-care consultant for many patients and individuals. Talk to us today to know more.

Lyfas helps you to integrate several other conventional vital tests, to build a comprehensive vital profile of the patient.

Turn your OPD into a Primary Preventive Digital Health Test Center

Convert every footfall into revenue:  Most patients are always accompanied by atleast one more friend or relative. Your OPD has to bear the maintanance cost for everyone who visits OPD. But your revenue conversion is only 40% as the companions do not spend anything. With Lyfas, you can turn your OPD waiting area into a primary health test center. Your assistant or compounder can encourage the patient companions to take a prevantive health test. In case some serious underneath issues are detected, your revenue potential is increased further. This also helps the companion to save money by doing a timely preventive test.
You can also also add Lyfas test as a value addition to your services by offering the screening free to the companions as a branding strategy.

Get a comprehensive health analytics of your organization and improve workspace efficiency and overall productivity by improving Stress, Sleep, Emotions, Energy and Positivity profile of your employees

Lyfas Organizational Wellness

The most revolutionary workplace positivity profile analysis to improve the collaboration among your employees, to improve their workspace experience and to help them cope better with stress, nagativity, anxiety and sleep issues.
We offer services to both onsite employees, as well as employees who are working from home. Our unique value proposition of both physical and remote delivery of services helps you to not only offer a preventive health service to your employees, but also at the same time design or alter policies to improve the workspace and team experience and positivity. This not only helps you retain your employees, but also at the same time, improving the overall productivity.

Download Organizational Wellness Brochure

Case Study: Lyfas Organizational Wellness Intervention and the impact

17 of the team mates who are at the office were enrolled for a month-long study. 4 random morning and 4 random evening Lyfas tests were done on each of the team mates, including me based on a random sampling program developed by the analytics team. 
The objective of the study was to match the performance of the team with their emotional health.
Following were the findings from the tests:
SLEEP:- Over 80% of our team mates have peaceful and sufficient sleep(7+ hours) now, which is a key to mental peace.
STRESS:- None of our members are at high stress. 22%M and 12%F are outrightly happy, whereas 65% of our members are under very light stress. 25% F and 11% M members are under moderate stress which we are working to bring down.
THOUGHTS:- Thoughts drive how we feel. I am proud to say that 75% of oir team experiences positive thought and emotions, and no depression and low self-esteem exists in our team. We are working to improve positive outcome further. Negative emotions were found in freshers and those with mid-life crisis.
SILENCE & ANGER:- We have worked a lot to remove negative personality traits and jerks. As a result, only 5% of our team mates(11%M 0%F) are aggressive. So, 0% are suffering from silence due to bullying.
ADDICTION:- 88% of our team mates were found to be addiction risk-free. Strict policies against Alchohol has helped us to have an addiction-free team.

We have created an environment free of abuse and bullying with several strict policies against these and addiction. We spend significant time counselling each of the team mates to improve on their self-belief, self-esteem.   A 42% increase in revenue and 50%+ increase in consultancies this month is a proof of our policies and measures.
Today, our core strength is this happy and positive tribe. If you ever visit us, you will fall in love with the tribe.

You can also learn such insights about your workplace and your people and design better work culture and environment. Thereafter, you can evaluate with data, the effect of your strategies and policies towards your employee wellbeing and workspace positivity.
Download the Acculi Case Study Report

Experience the power of Lyfas

Our Other Products and Use Cases

The heart of the Lyfas is its digital biomarkers. They are like the alphabets of a language. Lyfas also has various correlations to stictch the biomarkers into MOBILE(Mind, Organ, Body, Illness, Lifestyle, Emotion) specific insights. These insights are like the words. These insights act like the words of a language. We further have set of heuristics to sticth the words to an complete diagnosis of a part of body or mind. These heuristics are like English grammer that helps you construct complex sentences. Using this approach, you can narrate anyone’s health story in the most in-depath and understandable manner.

Using the same principle, we are innovating new diagnosis principles, services and therapeutics to improve your life. 

Lyfas Vasculograph: Mini ECG

Lyfas started as cardiovascular analysis system. Our core strength is our ability to detect the early stage Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, Myocarditis, Hypertension, Acute MI, Silent MI and so on. Our Made in India ECG+Pulse device is an award winning mini Single lead ECG that can be used to obtain 12 lead ECG signal, Pulse wave velocity. This device is under testing and soon be brought to market.

Manotatvi: Women Emotional Health 

Our study and experince showed us that many of the illnesses associated with female health, including PCOS, irregular periods, PMS, are linked to specific thought patterns, relationships, worries and emotions. We analyze these patterns to diagnose the deepest pains and patterns that is affecting the female health. Our counsellors then work with you to give you the emotional tools and methods to deal with them better. 

News, Posts and Articles

Updates from Acculi team. We regularly post our team update, technology updates, news, articles relevant to your health, our events. 

Acculi Labs Raises 1Cr Angel Investment Trench from Public through PAIO

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