Improve your Sleep by targeting root cause

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Improve your Sleep by targeting root cause

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Root cause diagnosis behind disturbed sleep


In an imaging driven experiments on 14 day old transparent Zebrafishes(450M year old species!), scientists discovered that the physiological characteristics of these tiny fishes were same as humans during sleep. Their heart rate decreased, muscles relaxed, temperature dropped.

So, sleep is as old as the life itself.


Sleep is considered to be a state of a biological being, where energy consumption is low, cell repair is maximum, growth is maximum. Physiological parameters such as heart rate, temparature decreases and muscles are relaxed during the sleep in all animals.

In sleep, energy production is minimum and energy distribution is maximum. This has remained same since last half a billion years.


Even plants distribute the starch made in the day to all other parts. Flower blossoms in the morning, new leaves grow in the night. So, in the plants, growth happens, in the night, activity in the days .

In humans, growth hormone(GH) is released in the deep sleep. This plays major role in repairing cell damage.

In another experiments on Bacterias, it was discovered that Bacterias eat and reproduce. But even under the best conditions and food, a part of the population remains dormant, meaning they consumed least food and do not reproduce.

So, plants, Bacterias, Humans, Animals, all sleep.


1) CIRCADIAN CLOCK:- The biological clock in body that senses day and night and triggers sleep in the night. This is same from plants to Zebrafish to humans.

2) ENERGY:- Many plants and animals hybarnate during winter. It is a selected sleep, that reduces body energy need to minimum. Low food puts Genes to depression, and they preserve themselves by sleeping.

3) MOTIVATION:- From the bacterial study, it is clear, that even with sufficient energy, when a cell is not motivated enough to reproduce, they sleep.

4) HEALING:- In an experiment, two groups of mice were immunized with antibiotics and were induced with bacteria. One group was denied any sleep and were kept awake for days, the other group had regular sleep. It was noted that the group which did not sleep had no effects of immunization, and was same as non-immunized groups.
When you do lot of physical work, your muscles need repair and relax.

So, body needs sleep for good immunity and healing.

5) STRESS:- In the bacterial experiment, scientists cultured a group of bacteria in good food but with Antibiotics(Stress group), another set with less food. More Bacterias were dormant in stress group.

6) DIGESTION:- You eat a lot, you feel more sleepy and sleep longer. Don’t take food and you are awake. Eat leafy veg, you wake up early but fresh. Eat spicy food, you sleep more, but wake up being more tired.


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