How AcculiLabs saved COVID Patients with Minimum Medicines

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How AcculiLabs saved COVID Patients with Minimum Medicines

June 9, 2021 Uncategorized 0


Immunity response is like a layered biological program. Brain, Liver, Kidney, Microbiome, Gut, Stomach, Bone Marrow, Endocrine, Muscles, Autonomic Nervous system, Heart, Lungs each plays a distinct role, in multi-phase, multi-layered DEFENSE-ATTACK-REPAIR immunity response against the virus.

DEFENSE:- Preventing cells from receiving the virus and being hacked.
ATTACK(Antibody):- Removing pathogens, removing infected cells.
REPAIR:- Regeneration of the dead cells.

Once you learn this program, and can monitor the response, you can tune the organ that is not doing its job well. Each of the organs are put to stress as part of the program. So you release the stress of the organ by preventing its other activities.

For example, when Gut is active, you don’t give it any digestion/protein metabolism. When you see a tissue Necrosis, you maintain an elevated acidic state to optimize DEC205(CD205) functioning.

It takes 5-7 days for the body to come to homeostasis from any critical condition including Pneumonia.

Based on our well-documented, data-driven analysed cases, and 100% recovery rate, we can assure you that COVID-19 is not life-threatening by any means if you handle it with science and sanity.

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