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Non-Invasive Preventive and Predictive Health-Test and Therapeutics

Suffering From High Sugar due to Steroids?

Every human body is different and reacts differently to different medicines and pathology. Every single body has different levels of handling different types of stress. Imagine you are an IT employee, in a critical project. Your boss is scolding you round the clock to finish it. He is screaming and shouting. You are in stress,…
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June 11, 2021 0

How AcculiLabs saved COVID Patients with Minimum Medicines

PRINCIPLE:- Immunity response is like a layered biological program. Brain, Liver, Kidney, Microbiome, Gut, Stomach, Bone Marrow, Endocrine, Muscles, Autonomic Nervous system, Heart, Lungs each plays a distinct role, in multi-phase, multi-layered DEFENSE-ATTACK-REPAIR immunity response against the virus. DEFENSE:- Preventing cells from receiving the virus and being hacked.ATTACK(Antibody):- Removing pathogens, removing infected cells.REPAIR:- Regeneration of…
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June 9, 2021 0

Improve your Sleep by targeting root cause

Root cause diagnosis behind disturbed sleep GENESIS:- In an imaging driven experiments on 14 day old transparent Zebrafishes(450M year old species!), scientists discovered that the physiological characteristics of these tiny fishes were same as humans during sleep. Their heart rate decreased, muscles relaxed, temperature dropped. So, sleep is as old as the life itself. WHAT?…
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June 7, 2021 0

Heart Attacks in Post COVID World

Hearing too many news of Cardiac arrests, particularly in younger age group in recent times? Or, have you witnessed an increase in palpitation? Here are some facts beyond Cholesterol that you must know:- 1) HIGH PROTEIN INTAKE:- Ill-advised by some whatsapp university professors, many have overdosed proteins. Protein bonds do not exist in isolation, but…
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June 5, 2021 0
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