Hidden Cardiovascular Risk

Know your hidden Cardiovascular Risk and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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Hidden Cardiovascular Risk
Heart attack may happen anytime anywhere. Heart gives early signs. Book Lyfas test today to unmask these early signs.


The sperm that gave you life did not have to compete, did not have to struggle through the hard passage. It was just a heavy sperm, selected from the centrifugal process. The pressure handling genes are not unfolded in the sperm. Your fate is sealed.


When you were in the womb, your mother was too angry about her life and life partner. She raged. Her body was full of Cortisol & heart beat faster. She couldn’t absorb food, had no sleep. Your fate was sealed.


You did not have to grasp for air and food and did not have to struggle through the passage of womb. You were removed smoothly from womb. That few hours of struggle to come out doesn’t have a memory imprint in your cerebellum. Your fate is sealed.


In your very childhood, you see your hypertensive father shouting, screaming in anger, and your little soul gets afraid. The heart beats erratically. Heart muscles become weak, your fate is sealed.


Your parents compare you frequently and you are loved conditionally, that is, you are appreciated by parents only when you get good results. You are scared, and your heart beats very fast. Your fate is sealed.


You are being constantly mocked by an underachieving father. His whole masculinity depended upon feeling good by lowering you. You were never hugged by your father or held compassionately. You hate him, and that hatred sealed your fate.


You don’t see your career mother like a child. You see a nanny. Your initial brain, which is attached to the mother, faces severe emotional dysregulation. Your memory isn’t emotionally weird. The heart doesn’t have Sympathetic regulation. Your fate is sealed.


Your greedy Pediatrician advised your parents to remove your tonsil. The first line of the body’s defense was taken away. It won’t get swollen ever to prevent bacterias and viruses to enter directly in your lungs. Your fate was sealed.


Your objectified life continued. You start knowing yourself as IITan, Doctor, IIMian. People celebrated Dr Sahab’s birthday, not yours. You wanted more. There was no core. High desire lead to high conflicts, high testosterone levels. You sealed your fate.


It still showed you signs. The parasympathetic system(Vagal tone) of your body, which gives rest to the heart, collapsed.

1. You did not sleep well.
2. Your peristalsis process was gone.
3. You stopped digesting. You took pills like PanD to inhibit protein pumps. When the effect was gone after 12 hours, exponential acid was released in the blood.
4. Blood Acidosis lead to Lung Alkolosis, resulting in Embolism, putting the heart under severe pressure.
5. Your constipation was proof of parasympathetic failure. You still didn’t care.

Your parents, birth, desires, anger, behavior, insurance cover, pills, never allowed you to listen to your heart.

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) at an early age is even unexplained to doctors. Suppose the victim is 40 yrs old and then let’s trace back for say 10 years to peep through the life events that might have Unfolded the condition or led to it. Some could be as follows:
1. Achievement – hurry worry (adrenaline surge)
2. Failures – anxiety anger (adrenaline surge)
3. Trial error – the Delta gap (cortisol surge)
4. Lack of adequate sleep (adrenaline surge, no serotonin)
5. Gymming jogging minus 4 (adrenaline surge)
6. Busy busy busy (adrenaline surge)
7. Meeting societal expectations family responsibility (adrenaline surge)
8. Office politics for self growth (adrenaline surge)
9. Next generation worries, their future, international School fees to compete in the society (adrenaline surge) etc are just a few in the big list of adrenaline pump, then exhaustion.
Heart gives warning signs, which were not taken care of.
Heart keeps on giving signs. No care still. We kept our arrogance against it.
Then it gives up telling a “sorry”, printed in the ECG strip.
Sad, isn’t it?

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay

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Lack of Serotonin due to improper sleep takes away your consciousness, and hence the ability to connect to your core and heart. You become an SoP programmed objectified robot. No love, no feelings, no peace, only rat race. Your iPhone becomes your identity and not your heart.

Remember, you had no control over how you were born, but you have control over how you choose to die. Become human. Robots don’t need a heart, and so it won’t exist. Put a pause on the objectification of self and others. Listen, your heart is already crying out loud for help. Either, let your heart cry and suffer in silence or book your Lyfas test today to know t about your hidden cardiovascular health.

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