How meditation helps to reduce the stress in the body

Can Meditation Lower Blood pressure and Cardiac risk?

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This is a retro post about a small validation we did with late Senior Cardiologist, Padmashree Dr. K. K. Agarwal.


The objective of the validation was to check if meditation-guided improvement to the parasympathetic nervous system of the autonomic system can improve the vascular system of a patient.

Anxiety and stress trigger the cortisol hormone. Sustained increased cortisol in the blood lowers the parasympathetic system. This results in improper blood circulation and sustained endothelial dysfunction.

The long-term cardiac patient, a lady over 60 was first baselined. Then Dr. Agarwal took her to a trance state using hypnosis. The patient was measured again in the trance state.

Within 10 minutes of meditation, stress reduced. The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems were balanced, and endothelial function showed significant improvement.

Dr. Agarwal was extremely happy with the system’s sensitivity to instantly pick up the psycho-physiology of a patient.

We have some exciting news waiting for you on this front.

If you are a diabetic/bp/cardiac patient, here is proof to encourage you to start meditating.


Not only in this joint validation with late Dr. Agarwal, but we have found these findings to be consistent across our other studies and in live patient data. What is important to see here is that meditation can significantly improve the Nitric Oxide metabolism in the body, leading to good vasodilation of the arteries and improving blood pressure.

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