Screen your cardiovascular health after Vaccination
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From that context, in this post, I want to put the speculations to rest.

1. Most deaths and severity in COVID is amongst Anxiety induced Hypertensive individuals(not Cholesterol induced HTN).

2. Aggression is a prime cause of infection progression. Because aggression lowers Serotonin in the body, lowering consciousness, breaking Histamine-Serotonin homeostasis, breaking homeostasis in Hypothalamus Pituitary Adranaline Axis.

3. Lack of sleep has to lead the Virus to devastating effects.

4. Thymus, the Immunity organ of Mammoths disappears after the age of 10. So, no new pathogen management program is learned by the body. Thus children are affected less.

5. Lactoferrin, part of mother’s milk creates the strong innate immunity layer. Those who are breastfed are affected less by the pandemic.

6. Gut microbiome plays the most important role in adaptive immunity. Negative thoughts, envy, jealousy, long disputes disturb the brain-gut axis, leading to acidity, leading to low pH, leading to Tissue Necrosis, leading to Respiratory Alkalosis, leading to pulmonary embolism.

7. T-Cells, the killer cells of the body are produced only in natural sunlight. Also, the other WBC components are stored in bone marrow, which needs strong Vitamin D. Lack of sunlight is a major cause of the COVID pandemic.

8. Loneliness causes low dopamine, leading to less Neuroplasticity, thus the brain can’t coordinate the pathogenic defense, as many parts of the brain are disconnected(known through loss of memory).

💡Stress-Anxiety-Aggression-Negativity-Depression.(SAAND) has caused the Pandemic shake, the human race, like our mother earth, has been already shaking.


COVID caused Endothelial damages are more due to the body’s aggressive immunity response, not due to Virus. That’s why Anti-inflammatory Steroids are given in COVID with, immunosuppressants.

Pathogens will anyways leave the body, but the excess Antibody will always stay. In the Pandemic, everyone has had a Viral load. Even after Viruses are neutralized, they stay in the body as inert harmless organisms.

Excess antibodies start acting on these inert viruses, causing Histamine storm and Autoimmunity. Add SAAND to it, and you have Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy, leading to Myocarditis and Pericarditis.


The reason Lyfas patients of Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd have the best results in COVID, and after Vaccine is that we have analyzed Mind-Body and have guided our patients to maintain homeostasis during, after COVID, after Vaccine.

If you don’t measure SAAND and build homeostasis, it is like giving 100 computers to a coder. Just as more computers don’t improve software productivity, more antibodies don’t improve the immunity program of the body.

When your body kills the virus, antibodies will see these as threats, and your stress will act as a catalyst leading to damage to the heart.

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My recommendations:-(From Lyfas data and research)

1. Lactating mothers don’t need Bill-Jab, as all the Pharma companies combined can’t build a mother’s 5% immunity artificially.

2. A breastfed child(not those who have taken pumped milk, but the breastfed child), doesn’t need any Bill-Jab because unadulterated Lactoferrin creates the strongest innate immunity layer, that no Pharma company can create.

3. Pregnant mothers absolutely should not take Bill-Jab. PERIOD.

4. Children below the age of 15 don’t need any Bill-Jab as they have the Thymus organ intact and the best innate immunity layer(unless parents are pathetic and anxious, and quality, and unavailable). A parent’s absence lower a child’s immunity.

5. Those who have anger issues are already immuno-compromised. Bill-Jab will elevate histamine response and thus you may develop various allergies and skin problems.

6. Females with PCOS must be very cautious, as microvessels in the ovaries are super sensitive to inflammatory histamine response. It may cause extreme mood swings after Vaccination(and for a long time).

Do not take a risk with your life. Book your Lyfas test to assess in detail the risks of Myocarditis and Pericarditis from Vaccination.

Check your risk of heart attack and cardiovascular health by taking Lyfas test and Therapeutics

🩸 If this post helped you by adding to your knowledge, would you consider donating a small amount to motivate us to keep writing posts with scientific research? We are a small startup, and your donation matters a lot for us.

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