Hidden Cardiovascular Risk

Heart Attacks in Post COVID World 💓

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Hearing too much news of Cardiac arrests, particularly in the younger age group in recent times? Or, have you witnessed an increase in palpitation? Here are some facts beyond Cholesterol that you must know:-

1) HIGH PROTEIN INTAKE:– Ill-advised by some WhatsApp university professors, many have overdosed proteins. Protein bonds do not exist in isolation, but always with minerals like Iron, Manganese, Sulpher, and Phosphorous.

Protein metabolism takes a lot of effort and cells do not keep excess proteins. The kidney is then forced to reabsorb a lot of protein. Even after that, excess Ions remain that increase Omolarity(Charged ions per volume of solute).

Higher Osmolarity reduces solutes’ diffusion to cells. This changes partial pressure at different points, leading to BP imbalance.

In simple terms, it makes the blood thicker, increasing the heart’s left ventricular afterload(LVA) and reducing Ejection Fraction(EF), leading to Cardiac arrest.

2) ACIDITY & CONSTIPATION:- Both of which reflect lower blood pH and inflammation in GI and Gut. Most Antacid medicines are Renal toxins. Mostly, they are of class Proton Pump Inhibitors(PPI), which prevents Enzyme pathways that produce more Acid.

The stomach needs more acid for metabolizing protein. So, more protein is eaten but needed acidity is prevented. This causes Magnesium deficiency that weakens the muscles(numbness), including Heart Muscles Myocardium.

PPI also leads to reduced V12 absorption, which is an important component for Myocardium.

3) IRON OVERDOSE:- Excess Zinc causes Copper Deficiency which is essential for Iron Absorption. Unfortunately, our body can absorb only 50g of Iron in a lifetime and there is no way to excrete it. Most iron metabolism happens in Gut, which is harmed due to:-
a) Antibiotics
b) Depression, Anxiety, and social isolation.
c) Immune Response.

Higher unabsorbed iron(Fe+), when passes through heart chambers cause an electro-potential imbalance which leads to Ectopics and Arterial Fibrillation. This is the prime cause of palpitation.

Besides, low Iron absorption also reduces the number of red blood cells, and increases hemoglobin density in the cells, making it hard for tissues to absorb sufficient Oxygen. This results in Necrosis(tissue death) and peripheral clots.

4) SLEEP and Nitric Oxide:- NO is an essential gas for maintaining the elasticity of the inner part of blood vessels (Endothelial). It is metabolized only during sleep, and in the dark circadian clock(Sunset to Sunrise). Less NO= Stiff Arteries.

There are many other inter-correlated complex pathways, independent of high Triglycerides (TGL), which have degraded the overall cardiovascular function in the average population.


Improve your sleep, diet, and take your emotional health to optimal levels. Get rid of your Acidity. Be super careful about mindless supplements and medicines.

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One of the problems is that the Heart is a strong organ. It tries to remain functional even in the worst state of body functioning. ECG is the most used screening test for cardiac events. But, because the current complexities in cardiovascular health are less related to the Heart’s structure, and more due to pathophysiological stress in the body, these are hard to be detected in an ECG.

Because cardiac arrest pain and heartburn due to acidity are similar, many times, chest pain due to cardiac arrest will be camouflaged due to acidity.

Also, as the problems are pathophysiological and not structural, other blood tests may reveal very few hints about the possibility of such events.

It is therefore super important for you to be self-aware, listen to your body’s alerts and signals, and remain healthy. The stress test is one of the best tests to test your heart if you so want.

Talk to your clinicians and get your body to an optimal state. Do not leave it on an event and hospitalization to start taking care of your heart. All the past knowledge of Cholesterol, statins, Echosprins, ECGs are of very little use in the current context. So, please take care.

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