Palpitation in Heart, due to Cervical Osteophytes:- Pioneer Cases

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An F36, ex-HR professional, and a mother of a teenage boy booked a Lyfas test with the complaints of chest pain. She had visited a cardiologist, and the general physician did her ECG, Thyroid, and KFT. All her tests were normal, and yet she was feeling continuous chest discomfort.


As Usual, we conducted three days three Lyfas tests. The analysis suggested that she had a great memory, well-balanced emotions, positive thoughts, but had insomnia(lack of sleep).

Her heart rate was on the higher side, but reports suggested no Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis or Stenosis, or Endothelial dysfunction. So, she had perfectly normal vessels. Also, her ECG was normal, suggesting no structural changes in the heart. This removed any doubts about Myocarditis.

Her body analytics showed only mild problems with heartbeat quality and Physiological Ectopic and AF were observed.

However, every Lyfas report suggested low bone and muscle scores.


Often, cardiac problems need investigation in heart structure, which is done through ECG, heart function, which is done through ECHO, and vasculature, which is done by Pulse Wave Velocity or Lyfas tests.

If none showed any problems, then we look into Psychological aspects. Anxiety is one of the prime reasons for Cardiac issues, Ectopics, because it leads to unstable, elevated Hypertension. Because she did not have anxiety, and because her BP was normal, Psychological aspects were eliminated.

Next, we look deep into Cardio-Renal Channel. Renal artery hypertension and reduced kidney filtration rate(eGFR) often are good markers of cardiac problems. Her kidney profile was also normal.

The next issue that we look into is Erythrocytes for morphological or density changes like Anemia. Her CBC was perfectly normal.

Then we look into the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adranaline Axis, and endocrine system, particularly TSH, T3, T4 profiles. None had any abnormalities.

So, through differential diagnosis, we arrived at a conclusion that because her bone strength appeared low, and had a cardiac issue, she probably may have issues with Cervical Spine, as structural changes in this, neck inflammation have a high correlation to palpitation.


We had to correlate Sleep, neck, and Cardiovascular system. We took hours of history in the sleep pattern. We figured out that she uses mobile for very long before sleep, and goes to sleep late.


We advised her Neck X-Ray, which confirmed the presence of Osteophytes due to excess mobile usage, leading to early spondylitis and Ectopics.

We advised her of a different posture for mobile usage and the patient has significantly recovered, within the first few days.


Wrong diagnosis and treatment have been one of the most critical challenges in Healthcare. With the current practice of the “I” model, a patient goes to one doctor, tells symptoms, does some tests, and the doctor takes a call on the diagnosis.

The best human diagnosis accuracy is 75% in average cases and below 50% in complex cases. AI in such complex cases is extremely poor, as the amount of data that is needed to zero down the millions of possibilities is too high.

In Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd we take hours and hours of tests, history taking, analysis, and use a Y model of diagnosis. The left arm of Y is our Clinical Diagnosis, the Right arm is Functional Diagnosis of Mind-Body, and the base of the Y is data and information. The joint is the convergence of wisdom.

We are now at over 92% in cracking complex hidden causes and illnesses. Every problem in healthcare can be solved if you can combine the right intent, intellect, intelligence, information, and integrate them seamlessly into an end-to-end service.


It took us nine days to crack the case. Many a time, the traditional diagnosis fails to detect such cases at the first place.

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