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👪 The Roseto Principle of Happiness and Heart Health

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Roseto, Pennsylvania is a town of migrants from Italy. Starting from the early 18th century many from Italy started coming to this town, which was once barren land and got settled there. Most of these men would be working in nearby mines.

In 1961, the doctor there told Dr. Stewart Wolf, then the head of medicines at the University of Oklahoma, that Roseto residents have much fewer heart attacks(Acute Myocardial Infarction) than anywhere else.

Dr. Wolf hired some interns to cross-check this claim. Birth and Death records were extracted and documented.


It was found out that, from 1954 to 1961, Roseto had nearly no heart attacks for the otherwise high-risk group of men 55 to 64, and men over 65 had a death rate of 1% while the national average was 2%.

What was surprising was:-

1) Roseto residents smoked unfiltered cigarettes.
2) They drank wine in abundance like milk.
3) They were not eating any Mediterranean diet and were on very high cholesterol meatballs and other foods like that.
4)The men worked in the slate quarries where they contracted illnesses from gases and dust.

So, nothing that has been long believed in Cardiology as a determinant factor of heart health, ie Diet, Smoking, Alcohol, Hygiene, were holding true for this place.


Brenda Egolf and Stewart Wolf then carried out a 50-year study of the health of Roseto and nearby town Bangor, which was more Americanised.

Published Paper in 1992:-

1) Roseto people lived in an Integrated family where at least four generations lived under one roof.

2) They socialized and drank in small restaurants, where they would debate and talk.

3) They followed a traditional culture & social norms. They loved mingling.

4) However, as the study progressed and the newer generations of Roseto became more Americanised, the numbers changed significantly and they had more heart attacks and other illnesses than the past generations.


Till November 2020, Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd was a pure remote company. We worked from different places and had very few mutual direct interactions.

1) Average working days used to be 20.2 days pm, due to many sick leaves.
2) Average employee daily stress:- 29%.
3) Average sleep:-5.2 hours.
4) Average Energy:- 41.72 mJ/Kg²

Fast forward, since we started working together, joking, hugging, laughing, creating close-knit bonds between ourselves, cooking at home, sharing meals together, started debating and celebrating.

1) Working days:- 24.21 days pm
2) Average stress:-17.78%
3) Average Sleep:- 6.9 hours
4) Average Energy:- 59.82 mJ/Kg²

Besides, even after working with 1000s of COVID patients on the ground, none(NO ONE) got infected!


Health is all about happiness. Happiness is all about social bonding, togetherness, sharing ideas, thoughts, tiffins, stories, emotions, following our culture.

Be together, be happy, be healthy.

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Malcolm Gladwell made this popular by mentioning the study in his bestselling book, Outliers. Even though the book got popular, the principle was never promoted by any health organization. Because this challenges the very premise of independent living, pills, supplements, costly diet, and so on.

Most modern studies have omitted the psychological effects of an individual, his/her concerns, fears, insecurities, loneliness.

Many industries collapse if people start living together and start becoming happy. For example, our team’s social media time or picking up mobile itself is low, when we are together. We barely need external stimuli to become happy.

Because positive social bonding helps you to be happy and healthy, your performance increases multi-fold. We took our revenue from less than the monthly Grocery expanse of my home to meeting 50% salaries, a jump of 15x.

We never used masks or social distancing or hand washing. We just followed the Roseto Principle. No one feels alone and thus no one is afraid. Anyone having a bad day is boosted and lifted by others. Mood swings don’t last, and there is no depression.

We followed science and got the results that we were supposed to get.

You think and decide!


From the Roseto principle, it is quite clear that your health, cardiovascular health in particular is not an independent isolated entity, but is dependent on the social bonding of you with other people. Your family, friends, circle, colleagues, and the environment that you are in, all influence and affect your health. These are often micro-level changes that accumulate over a period of time and are hard to be detected by traditional tests like ECG.

Lyfas can help you to uncover the effect of all the environmental and relationship effects(We call it the Social Quotient SQ) on your cardiovascular health. Why don’t you take a Lyfas test today and manage your cardiovascular health better?

🩸 If this post helped you by adding to your knowledge, would you consider donating a small amount to motivate us to keep writing posts with scientific research? We are a small startup, and your donation matters a lot for us.

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