How crying improves you to release your inner pain

How to cry your inner pain out.

What is the clinical relevance of tears? Why we can't cry? Why it is essential to…

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How to improve your social skills and connect to more people?

How to Connect with People?

How to measure your social skills with Lyfas and get rid of your social anxiety by…

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How a person who hasn't taken Lyfas is angry and complaining

Let’s Complain: Common Complains that We Do

Complaining for a sustained period of time makes us negative. Often we attract negative people into…

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Self assessment of CPTSD and analysis of the psychophysiological effect using Lyfas.

Self-Screening Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(CPTSD) (PCL-C) for Childhood Sexual Manipulation Continuous Abuse

PCL-C (the current instrument) is also called the civilian version and is applicable for all traumatic…

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Detect and Heal from Chronic Mood Swings with Lyfas

🙂Ambivalence:- the science of mood-swings

How the price you pay for your happiness makes you sad? How to overcome the mood…

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Do not live in fear of losing the one you love. Take Lyfas to stabilize your relationships, and get rid of low self-love.

Female Borderline Personality Disorder:- The Un-noticed Epidemic

Learn how borderline personality disorder(BPD), is spreading in the females in the society, its root cause,…

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Self-Love deficiency syndrome

Self Love

Self-love deficiency syndrome is the core to attracting wrong people in life, and suffering due to…

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Heal from depression and track your health with Lyfas

Free Therapeutics:- Loneliness, Hollowness, Feeling of Directionless, Sleeplessness, Negative Thought Chain, Self Lowering Thoughts, and Depression

How to identify that you are going towards depression? How to cope up with the feeling…

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Love compatibility analysis


How ready you are for love? Does the person you love, loves you back? Do you…

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Loneliness and Depression causes significant health problems


SAVANNAH to SAHARA:- On and around 10,000 BCE, Sahara was a lush green land, a Savannah.…

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How drawing can improve your mental, emotional and overall health by activating parasympathetic system

Arts & Crafts Improves Mental Health by Activating Vagal Tone:- A Lyfas Self-Study

Drawing can improve your mental, emotional and overall health by activating parasympathetic system. Track the holistic…

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The Biology of Emotions

Find out the balance of your Emotional hormones to manage your emotions better

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Breakup trauma assesment Lyfas

Laws of Breakup: Understanding Attachment, Breakup and Cope up strategies of Breakup

How breakup causes trauma? Why breakups happen? Can you prevent a breakup? How not to let…

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Weak and Suffering men

How to Tame A Guy to be A Sheep-boy, and Controlling Him

The more you control and condition a guy, he becomes more and more weak and suffers…

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Mental health of Insecurity and Anxiety

The Greek God Penis Syndrome:- Insecurity

Hidden inner insecurities drain you and causes significant harm to your mental health. Book your Lyfas…

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Is Emotional Intelligence a Scam?

Become more emotionally aware, and understand your emotions better by Lyfas emotional signature, and take the…

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Parental Role in Upbringing a Girl Child:(In-Relationship Parents): Relative Awareness

How relatives affect the growth, the mindset and psychology of a girl child and what education…

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The Pathophysiology of Dark Triad Manipulative Personality:- Serotonin Syndrome

The Correlation between Serotonin and Personality Disorders, dark triad in particular.

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Healing Mechanism For Female Borderline Personality Disorder

1. If she remembers her life’s chronology, she has a core. In such a case she…

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Female Borderline Personality Disorder- Genesis, Progression, Causation

A. CONTEXT 1. One of the primary underneath cause of borderline is Abundment Anxiety. For a…

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