PCOS? Diagnose, Treat and Heal with non-invasive Lyfas Minimum Medicine, maximum output

♀ False Diagnosis & Treatment of PCOS, A Lyfas Case Study

How we diagnose PCOS without symptoms, how we treat Gynec cases, how we do healing and…

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Amenorrhea Healing Case study with Lyfas monitoring for PCOS young woman non-invasively from Lyfas

🤰 Amenorrhea (Early Menopause) Reversal: Lyfas Case Study

How we healed a young 22 year old female patient without having periods for 9 months…

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Do not live in fear of losing the one you love. Take Lyfas to stabilize your relationships, and get rid of low self-love.

Female Borderline Personality Disorder:- The Un-noticed Epidemic

Learn how borderline personality disorder(BPD), is spreading in the females in the society, its root cause,…

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The Science Behind Longer Life, and Better Health of Mothers. Feto-maternal micro-chimerism (FMc). The Stem Cell Therapy by Nature

MICROCHIMERISM:- In Biology, if a tissue/organism/organ carries DNA from different distinct hosts, then it is called…

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