Measure your Pollution Induced COVID-19 Risk from Non-Invasive Lyfas Diagnostics

Does COVID-19 spread through pollution?

How pollution can lower your immunity and expose you to a higher risk of infection and…

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Sleep like a baby again with Lyfas test and therapeutics

How We Started Sleeping? 😴

Learn how and when the biological beings started sleeping? What is the science behind sleep and…

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Screen your Social wellness with Lyfas and improve cardiovascular health by improving your social intelligence

👪 The Roseto Principle of Happiness and Heart Health

How your Social Quotient(SQ) affects your cardiovascular health and how to improve your heart health by…

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How lighting can change the sleep quality

💡How Lighting Affects Your Sleep?

Does lighting in the room has anything to do with the way you sleep? Know about…

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Test your eating habits and digestion with Lyfas and fix them today

How to improve your digestion by changing the way you eat?

How conscious eating(bringing all senses, cognition, feeling, thoughts, focus) in eating can significantly improve your digestion…

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