How insecured parenting makes an adult nervous about even a small cut and may lead to life threatening conditions

Why Parents Must Expose Their Kids to Danger?

How insecured parents may end-up over-protecting their children in the childhood? How such a conservative upbringing…

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A father and a daughter bonding is the core to daughter's overall psychology

🧔‍♂️ Fathers:- The Evolution of Irrelevance

Is the role of the men is underplayed by the modern society and has there been…

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Stress of Studies due to family pressure and expectations

🥵 Why Do Young Teenagers feel Stressed Out in Studies, and Don’t Get The Result Even After Working So Hard?

How pressure of expectations and stress can cause significant mental and emotional damage to the teenagers…

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Book Lyfas test for your family and improve your child's psychology

Parental Responsibilities for Boy Child(1-12) Part 1:- In-relationship Couple(Family Intact)

What cares must be taken by the father and the mother to upring a boy child…

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Parental Role in Upbringing a Girl Child:(In-Relationship Parents): Relative Awareness

How relatives affect the growth, the mindset and psychology of a girl child and what education…

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Health and Lifestyle Precautions for Couples Wanting to Become Parents

1. Cut down and eliminate all alcohols, hotel food, fast food, atleast a year before you…

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The Science Behind Longer Life, and Better Health of Mothers. Feto-maternal micro-chimerism (FMc). The Stem Cell Therapy by Nature

MICROCHIMERISM:- In Biology, if a tissue/organism/organ carries DNA from different distinct hosts, then it is called…

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Mother Tongue(MT) Disassociation The Prime Reason for Autism:- Autistic Production House of Parenting, Child Birth, and Schooling

GENETIC BACKGROUND:- Every Banayan tress has genes that result in creating roots from the branches. But,…

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