How to improve your social skills and connect to more people?

How to Connect with People?

How to measure your social skills with Lyfas and get rid of your social anxiety by…

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Manipulators have physiological changes that are detected by Lyfas

How to Easily Detect a Probable Dishonest Life Partner and Business Partner?

When someone lies/fakes/cheats, the mind and body knows and therefore they have subtle physiological changes. How…

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Self assessment of CPTSD and analysis of the psychophysiological effect using Lyfas.

Self-Screening Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(CPTSD) (PCL-C) for Childhood Sexual Manipulation Continuous Abuse

PCL-C (the current instrument) is also called the civilian version and is applicable for all traumatic…

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Lyfas helps you to screen your mental and emotional state to accurately qualify and quantify the emotional and mental manipulation and measures its effect.

Manipulation Self-check

Self-test to check if your partner is manipulating you or not No email id, phone, or…

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What is the correlation of stories with love?

Love Stories: End of Stories, End of Love

Do you feel disconnected with your partner? One of the prime need for us humans, and…

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Love compatibility analysis


How ready you are for love? Does the person you love, loves you back? Do you…

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Breakup trauma assesment Lyfas

Laws of Breakup: Understanding Attachment, Breakup and Cope up strategies of Breakup

How breakup causes trauma? Why breakups happen? Can you prevent a breakup? How not to let…

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Weak and Suffering men

How to Tame A Guy to be A Sheep-boy, and Controlling Him

The more you control and condition a guy, he becomes more and more weak and suffers…

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Relationship health

The Secret of Divorces:- Psychoanalysis of Oedipus Syndrome and Electra Complex

Why divorces become inevitable due to husband and wife's attachment style with their respective parents.

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Book Lyfas test for your family and improve your child's psychology

Parental Responsibilities for Boy Child(1-12) Part 1:- In-relationship Couple(Family Intact)

What cares must be taken by the father and the mother to upring a boy child…

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Parental Role in Upbringing a Girl Child:(In-Relationship Parents): Relative Awareness

How relatives affect the growth, the mindset and psychology of a girl child and what education…

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Health and Lifestyle Precautions for Couples Wanting to Become Parents

1. Cut down and eliminate all alcohols, hotel food, fast food, atleast a year before you…

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