Lyfas provides physiological effect of long term usage of masks and can help analyze the pathological effect of the saame.

😷 What happens when you wear masks for a long time? A Lyfas Case Study

Mask induces Tissue Hypoxia, Tissue Necrosis, Acidosis, and May lead to Pulmonary Embolism. Find out in…

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Monitor Treatment Prognosis with Lyfas

💊 Pills Mania:- How Excess Use of Medicines Harmed Population Health During COVID

How overdose and mindless pills have harmed a large population during COVID, and in particular during…

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Monitor Corticosteroid Side effects With Lyfas

Steroid Induced Hyperglycemia (High Sugar)

Why you suffer from high blood sugar after high doses of corticosteroids?

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COVID-19 Vaccine Prognosis With Lyfas

💉Vaccines:- Precautions, Preparations, Prevention of adversity,

What measures and precautions are to be taken to prepare your body for COVID 19 vaccine?…

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Fixing Man's sexual health with Lyfas

♂ Post-COVID Male Reproductive Health Impairment

Are you seeing a fall in your sexual desire and performance? Are you recently feeling a…

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Drug side effects

👨‍🦽 Thalidomide

Can medicines become monsters? Thalidomide is a prime example of such a side effect to a…

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