Hamilton Depression Scale Clinically Validated With Lyfas

Clinically Validated Most Reliable Depression Self-Assessment Test for Free: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) Self Depression Assessment

Context In the post-COVID times, the mental health in the general population has significantly degraded. Depression…

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How crying improves you to release your inner pain

How to cry your inner pain out.

What is the clinical relevance of tears? Why we can't cry? Why it is essential to…

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How meditation helps to reduce the stress in the body

Can Meditation Lower Blood pressure and Cardiac risk?

How guided meditation and meditation can lower your stress, anxiety, improve vasodilation and help reducing hypertension,…

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How a person who hasn't taken Lyfas is angry and complaining

Let’s Complain: Common Complains that We Do

Complaining for a sustained period of time makes us negative. Often we attract negative people into…

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Self assessment of CPTSD and analysis of the psychophysiological effect using Lyfas.

Self-Screening Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(CPTSD) (PCL-C) for Childhood Sexual Manipulation Continuous Abuse

PCL-C (the current instrument) is also called the civilian version and is applicable for all traumatic…

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Before and After COVID-19 Anxiety distribution between male and Females in India

🤯 Females Have More Anxiety than Men in Post-COVID World! Lyfas Case Study

How the Pandemic has resulted in more Anxiety in the females and what is the consequence…

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Screen Depression and Heal with Lyfas

🚲Rule of Availability: Why Easy Access Can Harm our Health?

How easy access to anything increases your social isolation, increasing the social anxiety and depression.

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Stress of Studies due to family pressure and expectations

🥵 Why Do Young Teenagers feel Stressed Out in Studies, and Don’t Get The Result Even After Working So Hard?

How pressure of expectations and stress can cause significant mental and emotional damage to the teenagers…

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Mental health of Insecurity and Anxiety

The Greek God Penis Syndrome:- Insecurity

Hidden inner insecurities drain you and causes significant harm to your mental health. Book your Lyfas…

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