Erectile Dysfunction:- Simple Understanding

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Almost 48% men in the age group of 40-50, suffers from moderate to extreme Erectile Dysfunction(ED), which is constantly increasing since last several years. ED can be of different types, inability to maintain erection, not getting an erection, not having hard erection, etc.


Consider the penis as water bag pillow. You put water and the pillow is hard, you remove water, the pillow is soft.

Penis is a super vascular organ. The arteries in penis dilates to fill the chambers with blood for it to be hard. At that time the veins contracts. Then the arteries contracts and veins dilates to release the blood. This process is further managed by Autonomic system.


Vagal nerves, the rest and recovery parasympathetic branch gets active to dilate arteries and thus results in Erection.

Sympathetic branch triggers constriction of testicular vessels, helping to ejaculate. These nerves are carried by spinal chord.


Testosterone and Estrogen manages the blood pumping and relaxation respectively. When Estrogen is very low, you always want it, more harder erection, but can’t manage it for long.

If Testosterone is low, heart doesn’t pump enough blood. So you don’t get it.

When TT is very high, you apply excess pressure, damaging the nerves.

Dopamine (pleasure hormone) is needed for erection, and Serotonin(Conscisousness hormone) is needed for ejaculation.


1. In extreme conflict, TT is high, resulting in getting permanant ED.

2. In anger and aggression, Amygdala keeps hypothalamus busy, and there is Sympathetic overdrive, so no erection.

3. In stress, and continuous work in sitting, back gets stressed. So, nerve signalling gets impaired. Hence ED.

4. In extreme mood swing, Estrogen gets depleted. Hence ED.

5. In Opinionated story based personality, Seretonin is low, hence no ejaculation.

6. In Allergy, Histamine is high, lowering Serotonin. Increased Esnophils increase blood weight. Less blood reaches the chambers, hence soft erection, impaired ejaculation.

7. In depression, Dopamine is 0%. Hence ED.
8. Diabetes increases sympathetic dominance causing ED.

9. Anxiety leads to palpitation and high heart rate for normal body. Heart is tired, so can’t pump needed excess blood, leading to ED.

10. Boiler Chicken are rich in Estrogen. High Estrogen reduces Testosterone. Hence temporary ED.

11. Aggressive partner leads to frustration, depression and fear, triggering Sympathetic branch. Hence ED.

12. Arterial stiffness induced by smoking, lipid, cortisol doesn’t allow dilatation. Hence ED.

13. The more your partner says no, more ED for her, due to memory role in neuron firing.

14. Digestion, and stool passing are functions of parasympathetic. So, indigestion and constipation results in ED.


Ejection, Ejaculation, and Sex are basic needs, not a virtue. You will loose masculinity and acquire heart disease if this isn’t your priority.


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