Diabetes and Insulin Resistance Risk Analysis of India with Lyfas
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Lyfas by Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd assess capillary blood impression from your mobile rear camera and then use Heart Rate Variability, Arterial Plethysmography, Optical Hemodynamic, Photochromatography, Orthostatic Homeostasis to evaluate a detailed metabolic function including insulin resistance.

It then provides a Diabetes score(<20 Normal, 20-30 Type II, 30-35 early Type 1, 35-40 Type 1, >40 Diabetes with Neuropathy). This has got a 88% correlation to pathological diabetes(IR) with sensitivity and specificity as 89% and 93% respectively.

We plotted the Diabetes data of 8000+ patients. We were surprised to see elevated IR risk from the age of 16 and very high Diabetes risk right after the age of 30. 75-85 age group showed Neuropathy, which means elevated risk of silent heart attack, peripheral vasculopathy, and kidney disease.

Other than Odisa and Tripura, almost all the states were at elevated risk of Diabetes. Delhi+Haryana, Madhya Pradesh+Chattisgarh are at the highest risk. AP+Telengana, Kerala was at borderline risk.

Insulin Resistance is correlated with a host of other metabolic syndromes like Obesity, PCOS, Fatty Liver, mental distress, higher infection risk.

Diabetes seems to be an underneath ongoing Epidemic.

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You can also assess your own Insulin Resistance Risk and take our therapeutic to heal from any internal inflammation to recover from Insulin Resistance.

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