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How chronic inflammation is marketed today?


The corporations need something new to latch onto for marketing. Patients, general populations have played immunity-immunity in the hand of corporations, spending a good bit of money in “trying to up the immunity”.

As the mindless and thoughtless use of baseless medicines are being administered on helpless patients and even on non-patients, by a hopeless system, guided by a useless administration, it has left a large population with severe inflammation, particularly that of the liver, gut, lungs & kidney.

So now you will see companies flooding the market with Anti-Inflammatory drugs, diets, biscuits, water, juice, pills, herbal, verbal, and whatnot.

“Reduce your inflammation with our revolutionary Inflammation Lowering package”. The marketing headline will read soon.

And the same population will madly run after ESR and CRP tests, and towards self-proclaimed anti-inflammatory products.

Neither this population and so-called experts knew a penny about immunity, nor do they know a cent about Inflammation. But they will play because the game of commerce must go on.

Outsourcing body and mind to TV and WhatsApp, the population, in the name of COVID-recovery will finally make Cancer a Pandemic by Inflammation-pill.

Welcome, Inflammation scam👍🏻

Gamification of Health

The Analogy of Healthcare Game

  1. Boost immunity with pills.
  2. When immunity is boosted and plays havoc,
  3. Suppress with another pill.
  4. In the bidirectional push and pull when the elastic system feels tension, give another pill to reduce the tension and make it less elastic by making the elastic thick.
  5. So, when there is no push to boost or pull to suppress, give another pill to thin the thickened elastic.
  6. Then there is a crack in the hardened elastic. Use plaster of Paris to fill the crack.
  7. But it looks bad, so paint it.
  8. Now you can’t see push or pull or anything inside. So make a prick telescope to see inside the elastic. If you can’t see, then put a pipe through it.
  9. If you can see, you will see some wear and tear in the elastic fabric. So put extra fabric to try to join those wear and tear.
  10. Finally, after you get bored, throw the elastic away. But before throwing away don’t forget to keep that elastic in the ICU museum for display and enjoying ticket money.

This dangerous trend of gamification of brand-based ‘artificial’ immune boosters across India mainly. We, the consumers have no clue how it actually works. Some doctors are also prescribing left, right and center. The whole nation is always busy getting an “Easy solution” for everything. So, popping in pills and powders, we believe is another jugar type solution.

and while doing so, earn as much as one can. There’s no end to this hunger. Million billion trillion zillion… No end. Still one has low immune system, fall trapped into this game, and die. We have two richest persons in India. Still people don’t have food, but higher innate immunity. That’s the good part.

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay


An inflammation scam is going to cause severe effects on you. It will be the final nail in the coffin. It will alter your complete being once forever. Inflammation is a compensatory mechanism to protect an Organ. There are critical correlations of inflammation with Genomics, Evolution, Embryology, Endocrinology, Neurochemistry, Organ pathology, and so on.

This complex correlation is different for every individual. The severity and landscape of damage an organ have faced due to your mindless lifestyle and medicines are largely irreversible. Inflammation is a protective mechanism to save organs. You just don’t eliminate it with pills.

How long will you keep looking for easy solutions for your body? How long will you leave your body at the mercy of doctors, coaches, corporations? It is your body. You have to learn about it, you have to master the art of understanding and talking to your body. You have to become more conscious about the body-mind-organ-brain correlation.

“Invest in health” is the outcry. No, sustainable health needs no investment. It needs awareness and a spiritual connection of your body and soul. It needs attention, admiration, adulation, not investment.

Don’t let yourself take for another scam ride. Don’t.

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Over time our patients and all the associates have come to know us as an entity that never misguided their patients and associates. We do rigorous research and test all the hypotheses in real life. We do internal and external case studies to affirm our theories before presenting them to the public. We are known for our efficient detection of chronic inflammation. So, before you buy a scam of inflammation, do consult us for the right guidance.

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