Screen, Detect, Diagnose, Monitor, Manage, Treat and Heal COVID-19 from Home with Lyfas non invasive diagnostics and therapeutics of minimum medicine, maximum outcome

🤒How We Healed 1089 COVID-19 patients(100%) With Minimum Medicines Maximum Outcome.

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A Diabetic patient with sugar level 450, a BP patient with BP 200/120, an Allergy patient with IgE 1020, a 29-year-old with D-Dimer 2600, a fourth stage cancer patient with 60% lungs involvement, an AF patient with a history of Bradycardia, 90-year-old with Spo2 below 60, and many more. No Oxygen, no hospitalization.

And for each of these patients, and all the others, we have used as minimum medicine as possible for their COVID recovery. For 80% of the patients, we have used zero medicines and left no inflammation behind.

It is not about home remedies, it is not about antibodies, plasma, it is not about the steam, mask, not at all about the Prophylactic or other standard medicines like Dolo+Azythro+Ivermectin+Limcee+Bicasul that you are blindly consuming. It is about knowing the body’s biological program that is handling this virus and helping the body with the same. It is not about falling Spo2, or weakness or cough, it is about knowing what is going on.


Immunity response is like a layered biological program. Brain, Liver, Kidney, Microbiome, Gut, Stomach, Bone Marrow, Endocrine, Muscles, Autonomic Nervous system, Heart, Lungs each plays a distinct role, in multi-phase, multi-layered DEFENSE-ATTACK-REPAIR immunity response against the virus.

  • DEFENSE:- Preventing cells from receiving the virus and being hacked.
  • ATTACK(Antibody):– Removing pathogens, removing infected cells.
  • REPAIR:- Regeneration of the dead cells.

Once you learn this program and can monitor the response, you can tune the organ that is not doing its job well. Each of the organs is put to stress as part of the program. So you release the stress of the organ by preventing its other activities.

For example, when Gut is active, you don’t give it any digestion/protein metabolism. When you see a tissue Necrosis, you maintain an elevated acidic state to optimize DEC205(CD205) functioning.

It takes 5-7 days for the body to come to homeostasis from any critical condition including Pneumonia.

Based on our well-documented, data-driven analyzed cases, and 100% recovery rate, I can assure you that COVID-19 is not life-threatening by any means if you handle it with science and sanity.

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If you or any known and beloved of yours is suffering from COVID-19 or any other serious infections, do approach us for proper guidance and treatment.

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