Power Threat Meaning Framework:- Trigger Body's Internal Healing Mechanics by Explaining the current condition with emotion and evidence

Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF)

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How we have improved the life of Chronic Patients by In-Depth Diagnosis and Explanation


A group of senior psychologists, led by Lucy Johnston, spent five years developing the PTMF as an alternative to more traditional models based on psychiatric diagnosis and published the book last year.

PTMF helps the body to cope-up with an illness better by understanding the cause and creating a positive narrative about the condition.


1) Lyfas is a Non-Invasive Clinical-Grade Mobile Diagnostics & Home-Remedy based Therapeutic system. We turn your Android smartphone as a medical device and use photoplethysmography, and Heart Rate Variability, & profile MOBILE(Mind, Organ, Body, Illness, Lifestyle, Emotions).

2) Individuals with health anomalies (We don’t use the terms patients and illness), then share their past medical history, lab records, prescriptions, symptoms.

3) Several sessions of discussions are carried out to learn the life events, beliefs, fear, emotions, thoughts, insecurities, dreams, nightmares, sleeping patterns, eating habits, etc.

4) This overwhelming set of information is fed to our MI system(Mixed Intelligence=Human +Artificial Intelligence) to obtain a detailed health story of the individuals that answer most of their “why’s”.

5) We obtain the root cause, conflicts, context, chronology, progress, systemic response. This is explained to the individuals with proper scientific evidence (past research articles).

6) Then Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and Dielectric Behaviour Therapy(DBT) is used to help individuals to change the perspective of their life and help them to see their illness(Health-Anomaly) from a completely positive frame and perspective.

7) Finally we suggest lifestyle, thought, habit changes, along with elementary integrative medicine(Homeopathy+Ayurvedic+Allopathy+Yoga+Exercise+Meditation). We then monitor the individuals for 2 weeks to adjust the changes.


We can’t avoid and prevent diseases. It is easy to say “don’t take stress”, “sleep 8 hours”, “exercise”, “eat healthy”, to avoid any disease. But life puts us under stress and pressure. Job, Relationship, Career, Parents, Children, Tussles and that cause us illness whether we want them or not.

Many who suffers from Chronic illnesses over years, just want to know “why me”? “why this illness”? Trying to set one chronic condition, they develop others.

They reach to us to understand their condition better.


We found a staggering 9% improvement in overall health in majority(77%) individuals(N=44,m=23, F=21, Age=23-69) over 3-14 days time.

Out of 101 parameters that we track, we selected Resting Heart Rate(RHR) as the tracking parameter due to the wide acceptance of RHR as a general marker for good health.

Body and Mind can self-heal if you can empower the mind with the right information and guide it in the right direction. We knew this by gut instinct, now data proved it.

Book your Lyfas test and Therapeutics today to take advantage of our amazingly successful PTMF framework. Not just manage your disease, but heal internally.

Lyfas does complete mind-body analysis through non-invasive methods, that involve three days of test through our clinical-grade mobile application and extended history taking. Our digital health assistants, coaches, and the clinical team then spends hours with you to uncover hidden issues in your mind and body. We help you to discover yourself better.

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