Lyfas provides physiological effect of long term usage of masks and can help analyze the pathological effect of the saame.
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Mask induces Tissue Hypoxia, Tissue Necrosis, Acidosis, and May lead to Pulmonary Embolism


We did an internal study amongst 15 teammates of ours, 8 males and 7 females(n=15, M=8, F=7), all healthy individuals without any history of chronic disease, and not on any medications.


Subjects took their Lyfas test before food in the resting condition. They wear masks. After 20 minutes of wearing a mask, a report is captured, and then after 30 minutes of wearing a mask(20 min differential to validate that the findings were consistent.

The final statistics are being compiled. We are sharing one sample review report.


The report and the rest of the study suggest that prolonged wearing of masks can severely reduce the hemodynamic or the amount of oxygen in the body(blood and tissue included).

This reduces the Oxygen in the brain which increases Cardiac Anxiety. In order to compensate for Cardiac Anxiety, the parasympathetic system gets triggered and over-active.

Result 1: The Hemodynamic(That is Tissue Oxygen Absorption) Reduce Significantly

Result 2:- Anxiety Increases, Energy Decreases, and Negative Thoughts Sets in
Result 3:- Comparision of All the Parameters

In order to support the parasympathetic overdrive, the energy production of the body is reduced. This finding is consistent across the subjects. A detailed statistical analysis will be soon made public. The study also suggests that entire organ system functioning gets affected by wearing masks for long.

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So you want us to wear masks. Eh?

You told us to become “Atmanirbhar”, not nirbhar on your institutions like ICMR or others. Thank you for such a generous call for Atmanirbharta.

So, we are responding to your call for Atmanirbharta. We did a study at Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd to understand what happens when we wear masks for a long time(30 mins!!!).

So what happens when we wear masks?

1. Tissue Hypoxia increases.
2. Parasympathetic overdrive increases.
3. Cardiac Anxiety increases by several folds.
4. There is a high chance of AF if one has low Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.
5. Vascular stiffness increases.
6. Baro-receptor responds poorly.
7. Body energy decreases. Muscles suffer more exhaustion.

What it means:-

1.The condition is nearly like someone with temporary Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. Replace 30 minutes with three hours, continues for 90 days. Permanent brain cell damages.

2. Ischemic patients with a mask is like mercy killing.

3. Everyone wearing a mask will suffer exhaustion and anxiety. The mental balance will degenerate.

4. You will see lot many deaths by depression attacks, ischemic strokes(brain and cardiac both).

I challenge your esteemed institutions to debate me on masks scientifically.

Gas chambers were just faster than mask👎

🩸 If this post helped you by adding to your knowledge, would you consider donating a small amount to motivate us to keep writing posts with scientific research? We are a small startup, and your donation matters a lot for us.


The recent increase in the Cardiac events and anxiety is a direct result of the Cardiovascular Autonomic Modulation compensatory mechanism. Masks increase Parasympathetic or Vagal tone, but it overdrives the system. The sympathetic system is needed to supply energy to the body and keep the body active. Therefore, you feel more tired after COVID. Not only you feel tired but a lot of negative thoughts sets in and your anxiety increases. Due to tissue hypoxia, Tissue Necrosis(dying of tissue cells) increases. This then affects the tissues like Heart Muscles, along with other tissues in the body. That is another reason for the increase in Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Tissue Necrosis results in Blood Acidosis, which results in Pulmonary Alkalosis.

Pulmonary Alcholosis causes Pulmonary Embolism, or retention of water in the Lungs, increasing Asthma and COPD risks.

In a nutshell, long-term use of masks can really damage your mind-body homeostasis.

Take preventive action and do your Lyfas test today to understand the underneath damage(if any), long-term mask usage has caused.

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