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🙂Ambivalence:- the science of mood-swings

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Mood-swing is essentially a switch between depression and happiness in overall feelings. Depression is the inability to solve a problem for a long time. One of the most important things to understand here is that the thought circle is dependent on the criticality of the problems. The problems further are dependent on the biological threats.

The major biological functions are Survive, reproduce and thriving. Even in your unawareness, the mind classifies each problem into these categories. Then it assigns priority.

For instance, a love failure is a reproductory problem. So it won’t affect your job. But if you were so deeply connected with the partner that you thought you can’t live without him/her, then it becomes a survival problem, causing depression.


All of us want to be happy. A happy state gives a good feeling and reduces stress hormones, makes the brain work less on thinking, helps us connect better.

Everything has a cost, so is happiness. For example, singing makes you happy. So you dedicate time and energy to it to become happy.

But many times (or most of the time), we are fighting against one problem or the other. Be it relationships, be it health, money, growth, there is always something that we want to fix. Depending upon the criticality of the problems and complexity of the solutions, our brains remain engaged.

The prolonged problem, for example, a toxic person in life, not having a job, a critical disease, invariably leads to a cycle of thoughts, many times negative, and most of the times cyclic, and after a time vicious cycle.

But, you want to be happy. So you do temporary fixes to detract the mind, like shopping, travel, movies. However, the thoughts continue in the back of the mind. The cost you pay is very high in terms of emotional regulation, willpower, and forcing the brain, rather than convincing.

So, even when you are happy, the brain is unhappy with the price you paid. So, you become sad for becoming happy. That’s ambivalence, contradicting emotions, at the same time.


You need to train your mind to believe that the problem is just thriving and not critical. “Life would have been better with the ex around, but none the less it is good.”

That breaks the depression and thought cycle. Many also call this abundant mindset or ready to let go. You got the logic.

When mood swings increase, find the problem and convince yourself that it is non-critical and non-life-threatening.

Also, bring down the cost of happiness. Try a Dhaba instead of 5*.

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