How drawing can improve your mental, emotional and overall health by activating parasympathetic system

Arts & Crafts Improves Mental Health by Activating Vagal Tone:- A Lyfas Self-Study

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a study by Shabnam Shabnam In Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd


A 22-year-old female, with early signs of stress and anxiety-induced hypertension, took on painting as a way to release stress and found significant improvement in psychophysiology.

Heart rate of the subject came down from 77 to 68, stress from 42 to 26, Renal Hypertension from 2.3 to 1.9, Blood Pressure from 132/92 to 127/87, suggesting an overall improvement of mental health, and therefore Hypertension, by stimulating Vagal Nerves through Arts & Craft. Her biological age also came down by a year.

Therefore, arts & crafts can be used as a potential tool for patients suffering from stress and anxiety.


Shabnam is a Data and Compliance officer with Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd. Because we have over 50,000 patient’s data now, maintaining, managing, and safeguarding such sensitive data, as well as the stress of Handling our PAIO round of investment has led to significant stress to her.

She also complained about frequent headaches and acidity.

Her Lyfas diagnosis revealed almost 10+ years of Biological Age, which is a marker of early inflammation. We, therefore, decided to intervene in her, reduce and distribute her workload, giving her more time for recreation and relaxing activities, besides monitoring her daily.

She reported an improvement in her sleep patterns, in her digestion, skin tone, and anxiety.

She submitted her case details with consent to publish, to inspire young professionals like her to take their stress and anxiety seriously and go for early intervention.


After analyzing Lyfas, we diagnosed that her right side brain was getting less blood supply, leading to emotional deregulation and more Adrenaline.

Due to more demand for blood in the brain, she had Vasoconstriction which helped her to increase blood pressure for more blood supply.

Further diagnosis of the Lyfas report showed a significant Sympathetic overdrive, which suggested flight and fight response. To first lower the Adrenaline, we needed to activate the Vagal Tone(Rest & Recovery branch of Autonomic system).

We suggested she engage in right-brain activities, such as Arts & Crafts, Poem recitation, and various other activities.

This resulted in more emotional response, more Estrogen, and Dopamine, increasing her vagal tone and Heart Rate Variability.

Due to activation of rest and recovery, her body became more relaxed, reducing Autonomic and therefore overall stress from the body. As Pressure is proportional to Stress/Area, by increasing more Brain Area and reducing pressure, she managed to start improving.

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Early intervention can prevent stress and therefore inflammation. This was proved in the study through the reduction of her Biological Age.


I thank Shabnam for taking up her health seriously, like she does with data, and for allowing us to publish this work.

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