How a person who hasn't taken Lyfas is angry and complaining

Let’s Complain: Common Complains that We Do

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Complaining makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives us a perception that we are not the only ones who are imperfect, but there are other people who are imperfect too. It makes us free from our responsibilities and accountabilities. We can simply blame others for each and everything that we see has gone wrong, or feel is going wrong.

Complaining also helps us put others under pressure, by constantly judging them, blaming them. By making others feel like culprits, we can project ourselves as victims. This helps us to have the satisfaction which in ways gives us some dopamine. Complaining is also a tool that helps us to be free from deep-diving into problems and we can easily make sense of the things that have gone wrong by complaining. Complaining sustained over a period of time increases aggression and anger in the body. Irrespective of the fact that anger outbursts increase adrenaline which significantly damages the kidney and heart functions over the long run, we enjoy this rush. This adrenaline is a kick for us.

Common complaints we do

I did not have any friends in Childhood.
I had too many friends in childhood, which hampered my studies.

My school was bad, small.
My school was good, high class, I was a misfit.

My parents never bothered to take care of me, busy with their job.
My parents took so good care of me that they never let me become independent.

My sibling in childhood got all the attention and care and love.
My sibling loves me so much, I never had time for any other friends.

My parents were liberal, gave me independence so much that I never learned discipline.
My parents disciplined me so much that I never could become independent.

I was not given any money in childhood. Always struggled.
I was only given money and things by my parents, not love.

My teenage golden years were gone preparing for an entrance exam.
Nobody told me that I had to prepare hard for the entrance.

My college was good in studies, so could never make friends, only study.
My college was so bad in studies, the only thing I did there hung around.

I have no motivation in business. The business has no growth.
The business has so much growth that my life sucks looking after it.

Boss, traffic, work pressure, colleagues, neighbors, friends, family sucks.

My partner does not care for me, only I care.
Life sucks.


Complaining for a sustained period of time makes us negative. Often we attract negative people into our life. Others take offense to our words. People slowly start to avoid us, which leaves us socially isolated. The anger that you built to complain, feel good about yourself, won’t leave your body. It will slowly engulf you.

When you point one finger at someone or something, four fingers will be pointing towards you.

Often we end up being aggressive and that converts us to anxiety. Anxiety increases hypertension and also results in significant depletion of Serotonin, which in turn reduces our immunity to a great deal. If you are dealing with complaint mania, take your Lyfas test today.

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