Loneliness and Depression causes significant health problems


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On and around 10,000 BCE, Sahara was a lush green land, a Savannah. Plants, rainfall, ponds, animals, and alive ecosystem. From the north of Congo, the land harvested life.

Animals over there started cleaning off the vegetation and rainfall decreased in the mid of Africa. A barren land appeared. A desert of some 1 km². There was greenery ahead. So, life foraged out towards the green.

Once the green and lively land of Africa that gave birth to humanity, now became a barren desert by 3200 BCE. Millions of miles of barren land barring the pockets of Egypt.


A massive star, say some hundreds or thousands heavier than sunburns hydrogen in its core through Nuclear reactions to produce massive energy. Fuel starts getting exhausted. The pressure of the perimeter shrinks the core till the entire star collapses as the Everest shrank to a peanut.

A super-duper dense dark object in the universe, with unimaginable density, and thus gravity, that bends the space-time so much that all encircling objects are engulfed.


When a child is born, almost 100% of the neurons fire, wildly and all the time. The pre-frontal cortex, the Neo-cortex, the Hippocampus, Thalamus, Cerebellum, the new star is born where an electrical spark is appearing across the entire brain.

Then brain builds relevance. Some information is left off, and then a few more, and finally, 10-15% brain remains active by adulthood.

Then human “specializes”. “Engineering only”, or “Artist only”, and the brain areas for other things stops sparking and becomes deactivated.

We are first neglected by the parents, then bullied by friends, then mocked by relatives, betrayed by a brother, dumped by a girlfriend, whipped by the boss, and avoid people to avoid pain.


All the brain shrinks to a small tiny area of specialization of high pressure. Those who are loved and encircled get consumed by this black hole.

You keep dumping your Savannah of emotions, people, knowledge, skills, and memories in the quest for Greenery.

This shrunk core becomes the collapse-self, which others falsely perceive as ego runs your brain through Amygdala. Anger, aggression, fear, trauma & short pleasure replaces everything else.

You see the world from the prism of this black hole that bends reality. Everyone appears at fault. Everyone appears as a villain who was born to crush you.


In the quest of avoiding pain and greener grass, you abandon yourself, little by little, day by day to finally become a lonely black hole in the middle of a Sahara where you see no life, no emotions, no people, no hope, no dreams, no meaning.

Your soul, and those who loved you are buried in the great Pyramid tombs in the Nile bank. You see the Pyramid from far and pretend happiness.

Your loneliness is just the final dark destination of the rat race you had started towards the mirage of greenery to avoid pain, which even light can’t escape.

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We are slowly brainwashed pushed to the well and made -specialists “koopa manduka”!
When a person tries to do Multiple things he/she is given the “Jack of all trades, master of none” title but at the same time, the same society is awed by Renaissance period thinkers & investors who did multiple things!


Only when one feels that he/she is left alone and not cared for Loneliness sets in. In fact, by being oneself without the external clutches, one understands the atom and the universe/cosmos clearly.
Expectation breeds loneliness.


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