The Biology of Emotions

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Let’s, first divide the emotions into two basic groups:- Positive and Negative Emotions.

Positive Emotions:- Pleasure, Satisfaction, Achievement, etc.

Negative Emotions:- Anger, Aggression, Fear, etc.

1. Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. This is also needed for Neuroplasticity or the brain connection. Sex, good food, travel, getting what you like secretes this hormone.

If you don’t get what you want, its volume is reduced. As Dopamine controls the reward-punishment of the brain, it controls reinforcement learning.

2. Serotonin is a satisfaction hormone, often released in the night after the Alpha state of sleep, often between 2.30 AM to 4 AM. More sun exposure leads to better Serotonin. It is also produced after achievements. This hormone controls consciousness.

3. Melatonin is needed for sleep. It is subjected to low Adrenaline in the body and exposure to darkness in the evening.

4. Oxytocin is a social hormone and is released when you have a good social interaction(intimate, inner circle, professional, peer group etc).

5. Endorphines is released when you give something back, and people appreciate you.

6. Estradiol regulates the mood(long-term feelings of the emotions).

7. Adrenaline is an aggression hormone. When it is secreted, the body’s decision is taken by Amygdala(the mid-brain) and you are in a flight and fight mode. In this mode, you are always ready to fight.

8. Testosterone supplies energy for struggle and fight.

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To keep one happy, one needs to use the prefrontal brain, more Neuroplasticity, and thus more Dopamine, Serotonin, Estradiol, Endorphines, and less Testosterone, Adrenaline.


1. Achievement:-

The more you achieve, the more positive you remain. It takes 7 years of investment to start achieving something meaningful in a domain.

2. knowledge:-

To maintain Neuroplasticity, you need to keep feeding knowledge to the brain, which keeps memory at the top, as well as takes care of Long Dopamine. It takes about 3-4 hours of knowledge feeding to the brain for having sufficient emotions for 24 hours.

3. Relationships:-

Intimate Circle(1-3 persons), Friends and Family(3-10), Parents and Children(3-5), Inner circle(1-13), Social circle(14-25), Professional circle(2-25), Extended circle(25-100).

Above are the relationships you need to work on to have enough Oxytocin and Endorphines + Estradiol. The first four in the list are particularly important for mood regulation.

4. Satisfaction:-

Satisfaction in job, health, assets, peace, takes care of Serotonin.


You need people for both. You can still experience some emotions, but without the ability to share, they get flat, you stop experiencing as there is no modulation.


The most critical part is that very few actually invest a considerable time and energy, and of course money to continuously build a healthy emotional core.

Often people get too dependent on a single person for supply. The person who is the supplier of emotion gets exhausted because it is not easy like money. Importantly, the person who is getting the supply keeps growing in life as the emotional supply satisfies his/her primal need. Once the person has sufficiently sucked the supplier, the supplier goes low.

That’s when the sucker dumps the supplier. Because the former sucker doesn’t have the habit of supply, and when the exhausted supplier demands some, the former sucker and now at a temporary high state, feels agitated and sees the exhausted former supplier as needy.

The former supplier, now have no way to regain the lost emotional energy that goes low. Now the sucker after a few days finds out another supply.

We feel good by giving. This basic need of life draws the suppliers towards the suckers and the suppliers feel happy to get attention in the exchange of the emotion.

Remember, you don’t have the infinite emotional energy. Be very careful of the way, and with whom you produce, regulate, and experience.

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