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The Greek God Penis Syndrome:- Insecurity

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The Syndrome

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Greek Skulpture had to make God Statues with Small Pensis because the Rulers were insecure about their own

Have you ever observed the statues of great Greek and Roman Gods between the 5th Century BCE to 2nd Century ADE? Zeus, Hercules, and all the male Gods.

The idols are some of the greatest traits of human art and creativity that our ancestors have left behind for us. Expressive, muscular, with the depiction of each vein and muscle. But one thing was common in all.

All these Gods had a very small “tool”. So, why such powerful Gods will have such small tools?

Simple. The emperors who ruled the world then, the generals who cast terrors, the likes of Julius Ceasars, or Agustus to Alexender to Phillip, who commissioned these statues wanted to establish themselves as direct descendants of these gods, and then, wanted to become the God themselves.

They had this immense insecurity of their masculinity. Therefore, with each passing century, the tools of the Gods started getting smaller. The artists who created these statuses knew how to satisfy their emperors by inflating their small “egos”.

“The Greek God Penis Syndrome”.

The Root Cause

The statue creators not only smartly left the syndrome for history to study but also the root cause.

Look at any human depiction of art in that era, and you will see, none of the emperors or people, irrespective of male or females, had any expressions. There is a silent depression, and they appeared with no emotions and feelings.


Athens was the epicenter of Knowledge and modern human knowledge. Domains like Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Spirituality, Rhetorics, Humor, Drama, all got developed at that time. Then while handling the Persian attacks between 480BCE, they decided that it was time for not only defense but expansion.

Global trade roots got opened from Mesopotamia, India, Western Europe, Egypt, Persia, Asia minor. More wealth, more trade, more globalization, more war, more money.

Greek societies had Slave and free Citizens(India never had slaves). Free Citizens were further divided into classes with differential rights.

Conspiracy, political killings, Pandemics, coordinated wars(the then terrorism) swept across the societies.

Finally, the Gods vanished when the tools couldn’t be made any smaller.

The intellectuality was replaced firmly by insecurity.


We see the same traits in Bengal. The place that once hailed as India’s cultural epicenter, producing Tagore, Subhas, Jagdish Bose, Bankim, Sharatchandra, Ray, now produce?

After the 1991 Globalisation drive, India Today is the Roman society of 450 BCE. We are no more concerned about values, we are just focused on the size of the tool, be it degree, be it money, and be it the “asset”.

When society falls from “what we know and can give to humanity”, to “the size of what we have”, we have the same fate that Greeks and Romans suffered 2500 years back. No exception, no escape, no end.

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Insecurity Anxiety and Hypertension

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