How to cut a sachet properly
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We all know what drastic effects plastics have on the environment. Recently many Indian state governments including the government of Karnataka has banned plastic across the states. However, we still have many small products circulating in the market through plastic sachets. These not only pose a threat to the environment, but also at a small-time, presents significant risks to domestic animals.

Please help to save the environment and animals around us. Please help to stop plastic pollution. Do not cut out small pieces of plastic and sachets.

Please look into the image below. When you cut a small piece of milk packet or sachets or any other plastic bag like an oil pack, these small pieces get difficult to manage.

Even when you dispose of these pieces, little wind or mishandling may lead these pieces to be on the ground, polluting the soil. They might be stuck in the grass and might get into the stomach of Cows, Buffalos, Goats, or other animals around us. This might result in serious health issues for them.

Please look at the last two images. When you are cutting a packet or sachet to open it, keep the piece with the plastic packet or sachet.

A small initiative of yours has the power of bringing drastic change to society. Can you practice this simple change and make people around you aware of the same?
Thank you for your understanding and for spreading this small awareness.

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