Amenorrhea Healing Case study with Lyfas monitoring for PCOS young woman non-invasively from Lyfas
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Amenorrhea (uh-men-o-REE-uh) is the absence of menstruation, often defined as missing one or more menstrual periods. Primary amenorrhea refers to the absence of menstruation in someone who has not had a period by age 15.

Amenorrhea is rampant today amongst girls as young as 15-25 years old. The growing prevalence of extreme stress, anxiety-induced PCOS, and PCOD has caused significant havoc in overall female health.


The general practice is to perform a pelvic USG, to find ovarian cysts. Also, LF and FSH hormonal tests are being done. Progesterone, particularly Projesterone CR(continuous release) medicines, as well as Oral Contraceptive pills are given as a line of treatment.

Most girls are also merely asked to eat healthily, sleep well, and take less stress.

However, the reason for pseudo menstruation or Amenorrhea is much more complex than the traditional Gynecologists have made out to be. And the treatment lines have more side effects than benefits.

Progesterone may also be available as birth control pills.

The problem with the present system is:

  • This is a temporary solution. As soon as the pill is administered, the patient gets a period within 7 days. However, this period is pseudo menstruation, as the malformation of the egg is one of the hallmarks of the condition.
  • OCPs can not be taken for more than 6 months continuously.
  • The pills do not provide any relief to the internal inflammatory environment.


Forward Mapping the Correlation:-

Acculi Labs use, Lyfas as the base technology. Physiological snapshot at different time intervals of the day. Then we decouple the mind-body functionality and map them with various correlated and associated subjective as well as objective metrics. We correlate these associations and weight by spending hours with the patient, to finally curate the actual health story of the patient.


Form this curated health story, where the players are various events in life, different statements that different people have made from time to time, the feelings arising from them, various lifestyle practices, and other events. We work in our two-prone approach:- The healing, and the medication. In Healing, we help our patient to change her thoughts and beliefs that have been causing her the problem and help her to get over her problems of anxiety, insecurity, guilt, shame, and various other factors associated with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Over a period of time, we work alongside our patient to heal her internal inflammation and then help her to regenerate and rejuvenate the damaged cells and tissues. One of the core frameworks we use is Power Threat Meaning Framework(PTMF), which has proven that by explaining to an individual about his/her condition, you can trigger his/her internal healing mechanism.


An F22, with a BMI of 24, an employee of a startup, in a high-stress job, and a childhood history of epilepsy and past history of subclinical hypothyroidism, history of Uric Acid had a complaint of Amenorrhea for 9 months. Pelvic USG showed multiple cysts in the Overy, with TSH on the higher side, and elevated creatinine and uric acid levels. Her average resting BP for a week was 140/92 on the left arm in the supine position. She had complained of occasional constipation, but no history of hair fall or acne. Her RBS was 130, and her mean body temperature was 36.4’c. He has a family history of hypertensive father and hypothyroidism mother.


We observed significant improvement in Metabolism, which was understandable as PCOS is the primary cause for Amenorrhea, and PCOS is essentially a Metabolic Syndrome.

We saw a 35% improvement in LF/HF which is the primary metabolic function represented by HRV. Note that LF/HF is directly correlated(non-linearly) with the expression of the emotions, anger in particular. The more suppressed emotions cause a reduction in LF/HF, and the overexpression of the emotions causes an increase in LF/HF. This metabolic stress has a definite role in Liver inflammation and Renal stress. LF/HF is also found to have been correlated with the increase in skin conditions like acne, further confirming the stress on kidneys due to anger/aggression and rage.

What has been another prominent marker is the biological age. This essentially represents the actual aging of the vascular system. Averaging represents significant inflammation right from the organ to the cellular level. When the cells age faster, their ability to replace the damaged cells and regenerate the new cells reduces. With healing and success in treatment, we have observed the reduction of Biological age. For this case, we observed a sharp three years reduction.

As our process reduced the internal stress of the body, the parasympathetic system could become active and slowly the heart rate, and thereby the anxiety also came down, marked by a significant reduction in SD1/SD2.

Interesting Contradictory observations:

If you stretch your hands as much as you can and keep that stretched condition for quite some time, you will feel a pain in the hands. This is the internal stress and inflammation of the organs. Again, when you relax your hands, you will experience pain. It means that even the recovery of the body is not linear. It means that after healing, not all the parameters simply come down to normal and remain there. For instance, SD1/SD2 modulated on the lower side, towards the depressing spectrum, even though getting periods after a long time was a happy moment for the girl.


The above observation leads to an interpretation that Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems and all the associated organs are fluctuating between action and rest, nonlinearly and in a non-binary switching method, like a pendulum. The more the pendulum swings, the more stress body is experiencing. This is significant because most HRV philosophy has been around sympathetic stress.

Not only the current value of the HRV is needed to get the snapshot of the body, but also the interplay needs to be understood by measuring their relative variations over a systematically windowed timeframe.

This observation can help rethink our current ways of medications where we rely on a biological condition purely based on the pathology, and administer drugs based on the pathology, completely forgetting the physiological aspects, particularly the non-linear, non-binary, temporally interdependent interplay of the systems. Our future work will be towards exploring this interplay and modeling them into a more acceptable human understanding and comprehension form.

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If you or any other female friend or acquaintance is suffering from PCOS or early menopause, or Amenorrhea, then please help her to take the Lyfas test and therapeutic service today.

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