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♀ False Diagnosis & Treatment of PCOS, A Lyfas Case Study

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In Bangalore, an F30 Healthcare Professional was missing her periods. She was diagnosed with PCOS. She was put on Progesterone CR. When she took medicines, she would have her periods, and then again it would become irregular. Growth of body hair, significant hairfall, and other issues arrived.

After Lyfas tests, Analytics, hours of history taking and diagnosis, follow-up tests, and analysis, we discovered that She had traces of Insulin resistance, resulting from Chronic mood swings and not PCOS. The USG confirmed.

A young girl, who is a healthcare professional in the heart of Bangalore, that produces a Unicorn every week, transacts millions of dollars, gets wrong treatment for a year!! Result? Shrunk ovaries.


The Philosophy of Inflammation

Any cyst, be it the kidney, ovary, or any other part of the body, is due to cell proliferation. Cellular proliferation happens when the cells undergo inflammation. Inflammation is a stressful condition for any biological unit(from a single cell organism to a human organ, to a whole body).

When a biological unit finds an existential threat, or alteration of its functional behavior, or is needed to work super hard, then it has to alter several electrochemical processes to maintain homeostasis.

Imagine while cooking, hot oil pops out and falls on your skin. What happens? This is an inflammatory condition. The temperature in the local area where hot oil drop fell, suffers a sudden change in its ideal condition. At this stage, you put your hand under a water tap. Just as you know that to protect from any inflammation, you have to keep the surface in the water environment, the same way all your cells and organs know the same thing. Therefore the cells start retaining the water inside.

Also, Stress or Pressure=Force/Area

So, to reduce the pressure, the cells increase the area. Hence you see blisters after you have put your hand under a water tap when it suffered a hot oil drop.

If you leave the wound as is, then, there would be no blisters, which means the cells did not proliferate. Now the pressure and stress will kill the cells and parts of the tissue, and the body’s immunity would try to remove these dead cells. This immunocompromised area then will become the colony of the bacterias, who would be fed on the dead and damaged cells to perform the repair operation.

So, the mechanism is pretty simple,

body deals with inflammation in only and only two ways, either it retains water and local cells proliferate, or the cells die in the area of damage, and bacterial colony move to this area to feed on the dead cells.

A polycystic ovary is therefore a good sign for you because it means that body is handling the inflammation, the immunity and cell mechanics are working well and the process is ending up in “blisters”.


If you are thinking of yourself as a guy, walking, talking, thinking like a guy, wearing men’s apparel, trying to emulate guys, (because either your parents told you that you are like their son, or they might have told you that a guy and a girl is same).

Because a guy has higher testosterone and lower Estrogen, your body starts reducing the Estrogen hormone and increasing testosterone hormone. This results in more body hair, and less thin scalp hair like a guy.

Because Estrogen is essentially the mood hormone, that is responsible for right brain connectivity, which drives a large female part of the female Psyche, you feel being disconnected from yourself. All these traits were confirmed by our team.

So, because Estrogen-Progesterone balance drives the female reproductive system, lower Estrogen totally takes away the homeostasis. The cascading effect is too much stress for the ovaries. “They feel being not needed”. This causes a slow metabolism within those cells. That means that they are not interested in taking energy and working.

This further means that the cells are depressed and thus body needs more energy supply to keep these cells going. It then resorts to Catabolism and breaking down cells and tissues to get the required high energy. Finally, we have the spread inflammation of the ovaries.

So, Cysts in ovary is not a proof of Polycystic ovaries, as well as not having cysts yet doesn’t mean that PCOS doesn’t exist as an early stage condition.

By detecting severe catabolism, and mood swing we could correlate all the clinical condition and finally helped the girl to heal

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If you are also suffering from Amenorrhea, PCOS, and have been taking medicines for a long, then do consult us for the proper treatment and healing. We promise that we will heal you and make your life medicine-free.

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