From Reactive Health Insurance to Preventive Health Assurance with Lyfas
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In a conversation, a senior physician, working with a multi-specialty hospital narrated the following story:-

“A senior IT officer came for his mother’s Paronychia. After investigation, I suggested them a minor procedure and quoted 300/-. Son got offended and took out an MNC Health Card, and said he needed the best treatment as his mother has 10L coverage. The hospital administration happily offered the same for 13,000/- with additional medicines and add-ons. The son and hospital both were happy”.


So, good coverage gives confidence that a costly treatment is affordable to both healthcare as well as the patient and his family.

Under that criteria, the thin line between what is absolutely needed and what is affordable is gone. Unnecessary packaged treatments and surgeries are then sold to you wrapped in fear.

Every intervention has a side-effect. Once the body is touched, it is a chain reaction. Once you allow one surgery, you keep on coming back to the hospital with other complications. Doctors are given targets.

Insurance can pay your unnecessary treatment bills, to give you a validation of getting the best treatment.

But insurance can’t take the share of pain. That life-long medical dependency and recurring pain are all yours.


Being privileged is one of the most powerful desires of the human mind. I am better than the rest because I can afford the best. The line between affordable and necessary are removed by the desire.

This affects every dimension of life. The high cost of nonsensical education, healthcare, everything fulfills our desire to feel better than the rest. One of the downsides is the body and mind’s lost ability to innovate survival and progress in resource scarcity, which is one of the most important self-image formation tools. Money and validation overshadow self-image.

You have tonsil, operate out. You have pneumonia, put in Oxygen. Hungry? Don’t cook, order food. Need grocery? Don’t go to market, order.

The easy and over-access takes away the pain tolerance ability of the body and mind. Courage, thinking, innovation is then replaced with fear, impulsiveness, restlessness. The satisfaction of doing things is replaced by validation of getting things.

As you can only DO so much in a day, but GET much fold more, you get agitated and unhappy for some reasons daily when you don’t GET.

With Health insurance, you sneeze and want to carry out lung surgery. Finally, you are dependent on what you get, rather than what you can do. You remain Ill.

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Insurance is a step you take in case you fall sick and ill. What is more important is that underneath psychology, that I anyways am covered, so I need to take less care of my health. Insurance can only take care of your bills, that to an extent, it can not take care of your pain, to any extend.

The pain of illness causes damage to your productivity, personal, and family life. Why just pay for “in case you get ill”? Why not take a step today not to get ill itself in the first place?

Lyfas provides you that comfort of Health Assurance, from paying for illness, to not falling ill.

Our preventive health tests and therapeutics have helped hundreds of individuals like you to get over their life long-suffering. They don’t need insurance, though they have it, because they don’t fall ill. We do the hard work for them.

Why not book your preventive health test today and save your time, money, and pain?

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