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🍪💰Our Health Budget Per Indian is Worth a Parle-G

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1. India’s total tax collected this year is 3.2 Lakh crore.

2. Considering nontaxpayers and unorganized sectors, if we adjust tax collected to be 33% of the net income, then total annual income for the year, by all Indians, is Rs. 9.6e+12 (9.6 lakh crore).

3. So, for the 136.64 population, the annual income per head is Rs. 7025 (9.6e+12 divided by 136.64 crores).

4. So, the average daily income per head in India is 19/-.

5. let’s now assume that only 30% of the income can be spent on healthcare. The max that an Indian can spend on health in a day is 5.77. (Literally the price of a Parle-G biscuit).

6. Collected tax is about 10% of GDP(9.88%). And, India spends 3.6% of GDP on Healthcare. So India spends
75 Annually on healthcare for each Indian.

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This Pen is costlier than the cost of your life in India


1. For every ₹ 150 you spend on your health, you deny one Indian from his/her Annual health.

2. Considering a doctor visit is average ₹ 250. With every doctor visit, you are literally killing 3 more Indians.

3. If you are a doctor, and your average prescription cost is
₹ 500. Then with each prescription, you are writing the death sentence of 6 Indians.

The daily maximum investment allowed in your life in India is just a Parle-G biscuit. Eat that.

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