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A disease is a condition where an organ or set of organs changes the way they normally function to COMPENSATE for a PERCEIVED underneath life-threatening/abnormal biological condition.


Following are the primary reasons for any disease:-

1) Acid.
2) “Burning”.
3) Pathogenic Attack.
4) Mental Trauma.
5) Wound
6) Substance Abuse(Alcohol, Drugs)
7) Lifestyle Abuse(like no sleep)
8) Physical wear and tear(broken bone)
9) Abnormality by birth(Congenital. Eg:- Narrow arteries of Indians, hole in the heart)
10) Aging
11) Mental Stress and Pressure
12) Fear of some unknown
13) Environmental factors
14) Stress in Relationship dynamics
15) Professional Hazards(Like the driver not getting enough sleep, IT employees sitting for long)

Before your body informs you, it tries of its own to deal with the situation. So when you get the symptoms, the body is already in no position to compensate.

Understanding the issues

Skin is an organ. We can easily understand the disease by visualizing its effect on the skin.

1) Acid & 2)Burning:- What happens when Acid falls on the skin? it burns the skin. It is the same if you place your hand on a candle, it burns. Then? you immediately put your hand in the water. The body does the same. It retains water over the burning organ(Skipping Period, Kidney holding water, Embolism).
Result:- Blisters or Cyst like Polycystic Overy, Polycystic Kidney.

3) Pathogens:- Like Dengue mosquito bite, snake bite. What happens? As the pathogen enters, the body creates clot in those places and prevent them from spreading. The place appears blue. You either rub that position or squeeze poison out. WBC wins in a small area against pathogens. If no clot? Spreads in the body.

4) Mental Trauma:- Keep your hand on the table, and imagine that it is glued to the table. Keep this feeling on for 5 minutes. Try to lift the hand, you will find it heavy. So, your unconscious/subconscious thoughts overrule consciousness and the organ complies. (11)Stress, (12) Fear, and (14) Relationship dynamics furthermore result in certain distinct forms of mental trauma.

5) Wound:- Assume a cut in the hand through a knife/blade. Blood comes out. Leave that wound, blood clots there, and heals. So, bleeding is caused by a wound. How does it happen internally? Through excess minerals like irons. If a wound is not addressed? you have septic.

6) Substance:- Put your hand in sugar syrup. Keep it. What happens? Your hand feels sticky. Imagine(don’t do) washing hands with Alcohol, and underneath there is a candle. What happens? Many areas are burnt and fast. So, either skin shrinks or expands to compensate. Eg:- Fatty Liver.

7) Lifestyle 8) Physical:- Keep your hand straight parallel to the ground. Hold the position. What happens? After 5 minutes, you get pain and then fatigue. Keeping brain awake for long?

9) Congenital & 10) Aging:– You are born dusky/short. Accept it. You can’t do a thing about it. Enjoy what you have.


For any injury:-
1) Bruise(Inflammation)
2) Watery healing
3) Blisters
4) Expansion/Shrink(Anatomical/Structural Change)
4) Puss and Blasting
5) Cell Regeneration
6) Reshape.

Every step is marked by a specific pain. Treatment is about identifying the stage and helping the body to go back to the previous stage one stage at a time, not interfering.

Only when you can uncover the root cause of a problem, can you actually target the issue to treat the condition and heal the body at the same time? Hence focus on the root cause diagnosis. This is time-consuming and needs super effort, but the outcome is extremely satisfactory.

Extended Discussion

The good thing is that with a lot of investigation, data analysis, detailed life’s chronology, and lifestyle, correlating of thoughts and feelings, and observing symptoms, one can locate the exact stage the body is in.

There is nothing called irreversibility. Other than age, all other conditions are perfectly reversible. Modern medicine says they can’t be(like Diabetes & Hypertension can’t be reversed), which is totally false. Every organ can regenerate in the regeneration phase.

There are no magic pills. Often a patient wants a solution for specific types of pain. That is easy to handle. All you have to do is to stimulate specific neurochemistry.

It is easy to talk about preventive healthcare. But what medicine should aim for is Curative health. It is not worth living in a bad situation and hoping that the situation doesn’t get worst. The energy should be spent on taking the body back to where it all started.

With age, this ability of the body to go back to the stages becomes harder. But, if you can create an ideal scenario, it can travel even for a 90-year-old, ever so slowly.

I repeat, every disease is CURABLE(not treatable word), if a clinical team spends enough time in diagnosis and contextualizing a condition.


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