Different Lyfas Prototypes
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The complex problem takes time!

Since 2008, most part of my life has been spent trying to solve the mystery of Acute Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) and Sudden Heart Failure. The triage itself is so complex that even with modern devices and systems, it is literally impossible to get the same decision and opinion among different physicians.
I had to model the whole human body as a physics entity and model the organ systems mathematically.

The body is an Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, system integration, and building an equation out of it literally took 5 years.

Then in 2013, I built the first device, that realizes this equation for cardiac monitoring. It took another three years to perfect the device.
Only in 2017, I started Acculi Labs, after I had enough evidence of the system’s robustness and integrity.

Since 2017, the device has gone through 13 iterations. Every iteration(even in a plastic box) is commercially sold, monitored, and then improved.

Lyfas different versions

This year, we have built out V3, a matchbox size device, which we are further working on to reduce to the size of a stamp.

Lyfas V3

This device, even after 6 years is not in our offered products. It is still being perfected.

If you are solving a complex problem, that will take time. Be patient, and pace the game well.

Lyfas ECG Device V2

I am also sharing this to give you the confidence that being in the market is more important than having a great product.

Building a great product will take time, particularly if you are solving a complex problem. What you think would work may not work. You may also not have an idea about what may actually work.

If you are sincere with what you are doing and don’t hesitate to accept your limitations then there are people who come forward and are ready to work with you.

We have sold 100s of these ugly devices and funded the development with that money.

After several years of work, we switched to the mobile application and decided that distributing a hardware device to a large customer base is neither feasible nor of any great use. We then focussed on rewriting the algorithms in a mobile phone in order to make the device more accessible and scalable.

A good design is very important. But, unless you are solving the right problem in the right way, the design will not take you through.

Take for example Microsoft Zune. It was a great design and product. But it did not have an iTunes-like backbone to rely on.

There is no instant success. You have to be courageous enough to be in the market with your ugly product, making money, getting data and information, and putting it back into the system.

Remember this for a fact and internalize it. The market will always win.

Your idea or product, no matter how good they are will all be as good as its market acceptance only.

Test your idea in the market, not on your dreams or office.

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