Lyfas combines US style of Technology driven Evidence based Diagnosis and Protocol based Treatment, with That of Indian Style of Holistic Health Diagnosis and Healing
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The US System

The US has a fascinating culture-derived out of “modern science”

1. You define a problem.
2. You design a hypothesis to solve the problem(claim).
3. You develop the solution.
4. You prove with data that the solution works.

The fundamental of this system is based on limited control metric solving for huge input problem metric to produce a large impact output metric. The simpler the solution, the more financially beneficial is the solution.

This creates Cinderella Syndrome, where people actually start believing that the solution is the prince charming that will rescue them from the problem.

Insulin=Sugar Control
Statin= Cholesterol Control
Birth Control Pill= PCOS control

Our body works on an equilibrium called Biological Homeostasis. pH, Temperature, BP, Glucose, Ions, Gases, Fluid, Protein, everything is kept only as much as the body needs. The body has a natural mechanism to adjust to the altered state.

There are infinite numbers of such elements that can not simply be measured. And therefore magic pill of one condition causes another condition.

It is common sense, how can a biological organism that has evolved over 18 million years(1.8 crores), that contains trillions of cells to maintain this Homeostasis, be fixed by a pill that took ten years to develop?

Our body has evolved, shredded tail, shredded Thymus, developed Cerebral Cortex, reducing body hair, after millions of years of field-testing against evolutionary pressure.

How come a pill achieves something that is done by billions of cells and trillions of micro bacterium co-existing with the cells? It is not possible.

The gift that the US system has given to humanity though is evidence-based systems and the gift of technology. Many of today’s pioneer medical devices and methods are gifts of America. They have particularly made diagnosis a science.

The Indian System

Indian Knowledge of life is very simple:-

1) Eat complete food
2) Sleep
3) Work
4) Have Intellectual Knowledge gathering
5) Sex
6) Mind Exercise(Meditation)
7) Body Exercise(Yoga)
8) Happiness(Music, Art etc)

This is the reason, India has been one of the most populated countries for most of modern history. it has never been affected by a mass epidemic before European colonials. We never had population health concerns.

With all the limitations, India did well enough in the first phase of this Pandemic.

But, we have this colonial mindset. If west says something, it must be right. Well, Isac Neuton was considered to be right for 400 years, before Einstine proved him like a kid by explaining Gravity with Relativity.

The impact of science can not be analyzed in short term. For example, India had no cases of breast cancer before 1971, and now it has spread to almost 30% of females. 30 years it took to understand the effect of not breastfeeding.

Indian Sanatani Life withstood the test of time for over two millennia.

Documenting and making the solution appear more convincing with pseudo data and evidence, is western style.

Knowledge is gained, developed, transferred, and evolved through generations & centuries, not by some silly experiments.

Prince charming Vacpills are the heart of the problem, not the solution. Wake up Cinderella.

The core gift of India into the field of medicine is healing. The Indian style of treatment not only relies on just managing a system, but also to heal the body after the illness.

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Lyfas combines the technology and evidence-based medicine approach of America with the Indian style of holistic health and healing. That is precisely the reason we have been so successful with our diagnosis and therapeutics.

Enjoy our combined style of diagnosis and treatment. Book your Lyfas test today.

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