Screen, Detect, Diagnose, Monitor, Treat, Manage, Heal and Recover from Mycormycosis black fungus with Lyfas non invasive diagnostics and minimum medicine maximum outcome treatment
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Everyone knows what it is and why this post, so no time waste on generic info.


1) Neutropenia:- Deficiency of Neutrophil Cells.
2) Hyperglycemia:- This fungus loves glucose.
3) Increases Iron Levels

So, if you have good Neutrophils and Phagocytes(WBC), and low glucose and Iron, you are safe.


1) Ferritin⬆️
2) Neutrophils⬇️
3) HDL(Lipid)⬇️
4) Iron⬆️, Iron-Transferrin Ratio⬇️
5) RBS⬆️
6) Calcium⬇️
7) Glubulin ⬆️


1) Constipation.
2) Anxiety/Palpitation
3) Sleeplessness
4) BP⬆️, Tachycardia


1)Sunlight turns good fat(HDL) into Vitamin D3, D3 hormones through a {Skin, Liver, Kidney} path. This helps in producing WBCs in bone marrow.
So, ⬇️VitD3=⬇️WBC

2) Excess iron increases in blood when gut stops iron absorption. This is mainly caused by processed Carbs and Antibiotics.

So, ⬆️Antibiotic, Carb=⬆️Iron

3) Steroids ⬆️ Liver insulin resistance.
4) Excess Vitamin C⬆️ Iron
5) ⬇️Ca=Weak Bone=⬇️WBC.
6) ⬆️Stress=⬆️ROS=⬆️Fe=⬆️BP+AF
7) ⬆️Fe➡️Constipation.


1) Keto diet(temporary)➡️Sugar⬇️
2) ⬆️Sleep➡️ROS⬇️
3) ⬆️☀️ + ⬆️Fat=⬆️D3➡️🦴➡️WBC⬆️
4) (Antibiotic, Supplement, Carb)⬇️
6)❌ Fruit Juice


If you are admitted to the hospital and got this sh**, then it is hard to handle this situation. But if you have had got the infection and have recovered(either in-home setup or in hospital setup) then it is very important to take post-recovery precautions for at least three months. Because the death rate in this infection is so high, and because this is not a very common infection, your best bet to deal with this increasing sh** is to take precautions.

If you have taken Steroids, or/and Antibiotics like Azythromicin, or/and are a smoker with increased Hemoglobin levels or/and Have consumed a lot of Vitamin C and/or Have any inflammatory diseases like Arthritis/Fatty Liver, etc and/or you have Gluten intolerance and/or you have Constipation and/or You have sustained mental stress(CPTSD) and/or you are taking a lot of hema-iron(Red meat, etc) and/or You have insulin resistance then you run a high risk of Black Fungus.

Remember, if you have got infected by Corona Virus in the recent past, your immunity system becomes exhausted. If the virus had spread to the lungs as Pneumonia, then your lungs will be shrunk. You have to take precautions for the disease.

Post-COVID recovery, you will be more vulnerable to such secondary infections.

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