How Corona Virus communicates with Human hosts and try to negotiate the biological homeostasis
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A review of the paper published in Nature to demonstrate Virus-Host Communication:

The Paper Details:-

Yang, S.L., DeFalco, L., Anderson, D.E. et al. Comprehensive mapping of SARS-CoV-2 interactions in vivo reveals functional virus-host interactionsNat Commun12, 5113 (2021).


A ball with spikes enters the body. Body’s T-Cell see them. They go with a machine gun and trrrrrrr, Kills the virus. If more Iron spike balls enter, they harm the body, if more Soldiers like immunity cells are present, they will destroy the balls.

So, More “Immunity”= More “Defense”.😂

Popular covid belief


A Virus is an “intelligent” biological being. The meaning of the word Intelligence is, “An entity that can adjust to the changes, more so, the adverse conditions, to make it more robust”.

Every virus has mRNA, which is essentially a protein bond. By the rule of 99.99% HOMEOSTASIS as the core biological principle, once hydrocarbon bonds are formed, and a separating membrane is created, the bond tries to survive and replicate. Such bonds can communicate with other biological beings by micro-changes in the electrochemical.


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The paper very much tells the COVID story.

Instead of Science, let me try to simplify it for all of you to understand.

Corona Viruses are like armed terrorists entering your body, with millions of spikes, ready to infect the host cell. The moment they enter, they start signaling the cells to allow them an entry.

Imagine this as a Hijacked plane, and corona being the terrorists, and passengers being your cells. So, they announce, “give us what we want, or we will blow the plane”.

The host gets afraid because it never dealt with such dangerous weapons. So, host cells, the passengers submit “please don’t kill us, we will comply”.

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Some of these passengers have watched a lot of Hollywood movies. They are the immunity cells. They decide to take the terrorists. Some of them try to overpower the terrorists.

If the terrorist sees powerful passengers, it changes its mask, (the envelope), and hides amongst other passengers, concealed.

Then, when the time comes, they capture this Hero and shoot him on his legs. Other passengers are now really threatened.

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Some of them shits and pee in fear, the body starts showing symptoms. The virus needs Oxygen, so they want to control the Cockpit, the lungs. They ask the pilot to leave the cockpit for them.

The ground station asks “what do you want”? Corona replies, “take the flight to a safe country(another host)”. By the time the flight flies, they eat all the food and other supplies, stored for the passengers.


Remember, one host can supply the demands of the virus for 30 days. The virus enters host mitochondria and hacks the metabolism process, turning the cell into a production house(Now the movie is like the Zombie movie).

When it sees that the host doesn’t listen to it, it blows the flight, the body off.

The more you resist, the more we damage. Negotiate and survive. That’s herd immunity for you.


This paper highlights several communication factors:-
1. VHS establishes the moment the virus enters the body.
2. The closer they come near the host cell, the stronger the communication goes.
3. The spikes and the envelope is not constant. The virus conceals its identity by changing the envelope all the time, till they get access inside the host cell.
4. They target the immunity cells first and hijack the communication.
5. They then negotiate, forge their spike protein binding with the host cell.
6. Their membrane then gets dissolved into the host membrane and they inject the actual mRNA inside the host mitochondria.
7. Once the mRNA nucleoid enters the host cell, it totally hijacks the cell communication mechanism by altering the cell microbiology.
8. If the cells comply, and remain nonresistant the viruses have fewer immunity cells to hack into, and thus are able to capture fewer cells.
9. Corona has a much complex and furious communication structure than Zika.
10. Immunosuppressant works, because they reduce VHS, by giving less access to immune cells to the viruses.

So, if you have worked hard to increase your immunity, as an increase of antibodies, you are at higher risk.

In short,

The more external immunity boosters you use, the more damage Novel Corona Virus will cause in your body

scientific reality

Build trust and confidence in your 1.8 Crore year-old Gene that has evolved witnessing several of these Viruses and pandemics and have developed strategies to negotiate with them to coexist.


Host virus homeostasis (HVH) is the key mechanism behind the viral infection, latency, and activation for almost all viruses.
Corona is no exception. Many young people died while elderlies have survived. I mean deaths are random and none knows who will succumb. The reason is what is narrated here – you surrender to corona allow it to use your endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus of your host cell it won’t kill it. Any resistance, they are so powerful that it will blow up your host cells, which happened in Alveoli and myocardium.
Unlike corona, other less virulent viruses just stay inside the cells or ganglia. When they get a suitable environment, they show their muscles.
I also want to highlight that too much externally induced artificial immunity is probably not the correct choice.

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay

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