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Bangalore Posted on 👩🏻‍⚕️Doctor
Digital Doctor Internship 15000 pm for 6 months in Acculi Labs
Apply to a 6-month internship and work remotely as a digital doctor.

Why You Must Apply?

No medical colleges teach how to diagnose a patient without touching and seeing the patient closely. Therefore the traditional degrees are hard to go by in online consultancies and remote health. The diagnosis accuracy comes down significantly because of this. At Acculi Labs, we are inviting talented young passed out clinicians to work with us remotely as interns.

Work with India's best digital healthcare team in terms of patient satisfaction, research, knowledge dissemination, human value chain, artificial and mixed intelligence startup, and become the next generation, digital doctor.
Get trained in evidence-based healthcare, emotional modulation, digital diagnosis, holistic therapeutics, and take your knowledge, skills, profession to the next level. Stand out from the crowd and meet the demands of the 21st century. At Acculi labs, we have perfected the art of mixed intelligence, built systems, and SoPs, and systems to understand a patient better through data and information.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Fresh pass-outs with BHMS, MBBS, BAMS degrees.
  2. MD who wants to upskill themselves in digital healthcare.
  3. MD. Physiology, who are/were working as lecturers in medical colleges.
  4. Female clinicians who have are currently not working after maternity leave.
  5. Retired senior doctors, who want to quench their quest for knowledge after retirement.
  6. Any other certified clinician from BHMS, BAMS, and MBBS background.


6 Months.

Job Description:

  1. Online patient consultancy.
  2. Clinical Reports Evaluation.
  3. Clinical Advice.
  4. Case Documentation and Writing.
  5. Prognosis and Data-Driven Patient Monitoring and Decision Making.
  6. Patient's Case Publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  7. Patient awareness by content publishing(Blogs, Video, Audio)
  8. New Diagnosis and Therapeutics Innovation from existing clinical research.
  9. Cross-domain case-collaboration.
  10. Outcome-driven patient management. You are not expected to just provide 10 minutes' consultancy. You will work with a patient remotely as long as the patient recovers.


In short:-

  • Analyze data.
  • Study research.
  • Interpret Data.
  • Innovate.
  • Document.
  • Publish.
  • Market.
  • Provide Consulting and Counselling.
  • Get respect and love.
  • Become a popular digital doctor.


A strong understanding of Biochemistry, Internal Medicine, and Physiology is preferred. Knowing Heart Rate Variability, Endothelial mechanics including atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, vasodilation, and vasoconstriction are essential. Knowledge in Myopathy and Neuropathy would be added advantage.

Job Location:

From Home, Tea-shop, Airport, Hostel, Hotel, Hospital, Home, Library, your clinic, wherever you are comfortable from working, or, just join our office and experience a lifetime experience of working with an exceptional team.

Working Hours:-

4 daily hours for six day's a week, and 2 hours on Sundays, in any of your preferred time slots as below

  • Morning 4 AM to 8 AM
  • 10 AM to 2 PM
  • 2 PM to 6 PM
  • 6 PM to 10 PM

Extra Benefit:

  1. Statistical Analysis training for clinical research.
  2. Comprehensive Digital Psychophysiology framework training with Lyfas.
  3. Case assistance and training.
  4. Assistance in writing research articles.
  5. Training in digital content publishing:- Video, Audio, Blog.
  6. Digital Conversation training.
  7. Training on dashboard-driven data monitoring and decision making.
  8. Training on working along with AI.
  9. Training on electronic health records.

Selection Criteria:

  1. One short case presentation. (Video)
  2. One long case presentation. (Video)
  3. Interpretation of three Lyfas reports based on the published research paper study. (Document)
  4. Cellular level pathophysiology and pathogenesis writeup on a given clinical condition(with hand-drawn diagrams).


All your submissions will be in the public domain and you will own the IP of all the submissions. We are not interested in perfection, we are more interested in understanding your thought process, emotional stability, your desire to grow, and your ability to be transparent in the public domain and being ready to be judged(we all make mistakes, but the openness to be ready for a judgment is what we look at).

What After Internship?

We offer a permanent full-time position with us to every intern ever worked in the company with 20% more salary than the industry-standard salary (Glassdoor Baseline), along with exciting ESOP(Employee stock options).

How to Apply:

  1. Go to your profile page and complete the profile(yes we need everything, from a short video to a one-page resume).
  2. Apply.

About Company

Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Lyfas Digital Healthcare
31 Basappa Layout, RR Nagar, Bangalore 560098

Job Information

Status: Open Job type: Internship Salary: ₹15000 /Per Month Publish date: 31 Dec 2021 Expire in: 3 weeks

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