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Does COVID-19 spread through pollution?

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One of the puzzles that troubled us was, why the spread of the current pandemic is so high in the urban areas in comparison to the rural population?
We asked, did pollution have a role to play?

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In Italy, it was seen that more Nitrogen Di Oxide(No2) is significantly correlated with more infections

Initial evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be present on outdoor particulate matter(PM), thus suggesting that, in conditions concentrations of PM, SARS-CoV-2 could create clusters with outdoor PM and – by reducing their diffusion coefficient – enhance the persistence of the virus in the atmosphere[1].

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In England, Areas with more PPM Pollution saw more Deaths

Another study conducted in England[2] confirms the correlation by mapping NO, and Ozone concentration with Covid reported cases. Fossil fuel burn results in high NO concentration.

Lockdowns may not have directly contributed towards containing the virus. But can not be denied that the lockdowns have significantly reduced the urban traffic, and thus pollution.

In simple terms:-
More pollution leads to more particle matter, which acts as both booster and carrier for Covid.


[1]Setti, Leonardo, et al. “SARS-Cov-2 RNA Found on Particulate Matter of Bergamo in Northern Italy: First Preliminary Evidence.” medRxiv (2020).

[2]Travaglio, Marco, et al. “Links between air pollution and COVID-19 in England.” medRxiv (2020).

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If you are traveling daily for a long period through pollution, or are restricted for a very long period of time in an Air-Conditioned internal environment, then your chances of catching and spreading the viruses increase multiple folds over the normal population.

You must consider taking your Lyfas test and preventive therapeutics today if you are long been exposed to the aforementioned conditions of a more indoor or outdoor polluted environment.

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