How lighting can change the sleep quality
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Blue Light Experiment

a) On Plants:- ☘️

In an experiment I conducted on indoor plants, a set of money plants were kept in the natural light and the other set in a room which was always light with CFL(they got daylight as usual).

After a month the plants that were in artificial light 24×7, had more yellow leaves, least growth, more leaf deaths.

b) On Self:- 🙆‍♂️

I subjected myself to a similar experiment, where I kept CFL room lights on 24×7 for a month, had outside visits for the least amount of time, kept lights on during sleep too.

Needless to say, my body was never energetic after waking up, I felt dizzy for days, and it took about 2 months to get over this problem.

Surprisingly 60 days was also the time needed for the plants in room-light to recover and become healthy.


Our brain has an SCN sensor, that senses light. There are two cycles that it identifies, viz:- Night and Day cycles. Once the darkness is sensed, our brain produces the Melatonin hormone that prepares the body for sleep. In case one wakeup too late, he/she doesn’t experience the transformation from night today. If one doesn’t witness evening natural light, then a day-to-night switching is not properly sensed by the body.

If one is exposed to too much blue light for a long time in the evening, then even after the night sensing the brain doesn’t prepare the body for sleep.

Thus, remaining outside the home during sunlight and sunset, and sleeping under darkness, and sleeping early may significantly improve your quality of sleep.

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