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Lyfas Integrated Holistic Functional Evidence Based Care for Maximum Outcome with Minimum Medicine
100% Permanent Cure, and Healing of Persistent Inflammatory Metabolic Disorders  PCOS, Piles, and Ulcer Towards Prevention of Cancer and Heart Attack, Using Evidence-Based Functional Medicine Holistic Care Treatment and Mental Health Therapeutics. 
Permanantly Cure Piles, UTI, PCOS in 60 days Book Lyfas Holistic Treatment & Therapeutics

If We Can't Cure You, We will Return Your Money

Zero Commission Zero Cut Zero Referral Cut Policy of Lyfas
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Lyfas Has 0% Cut, Commission, and Referral Fee Policy

We don't take any cut and commissions from Pharma, Pathlabs, Hospitals and Radiology Centers
Lyfas is Made in India Brand
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Lyfas is 100% Ecofriendly with zero biodegradable
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Google Review 4.8 Indias Best Patient Satisfaction Company
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Lyfas Care Collaborate

Physiotherapists, Health Coaches, Nurses, Compounders, Technicians, Phlebotomists, Nutritionists, Doctors, Fitness Trainers, Psychiatrists, Pathologists, Radiologists, anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on the digital health disruption now get onboarded with our platform.

It’s Free, and Always Will Be.  

Integrated Holistic Functional Evidence Based Therapeutics Lyfas Care Icon for Minimum Medicine Maximum Outcome

Gaps In Today's Dysfunctional Healthcare

You Have To Pay, Whether You Get Rightly Diagnosed Or Not. You Have To Pay Whether You Recover Or Not. 

Minimum Time

As Per WHO, A Doctor Must Give 20 Minutes Minimum To A Patient. In India, Average Time Per Patient is 2 Minutes. Global Average is Less Than 10 Minutes.

No Healing, Only Treatment

After Any Infection, or Illness, Body Suffers Inflammation. The Body Has To Heal. No Healing Service Is Attached To Treatment. Even if You Recover, Your Body Remains Vulnerable to Further Damage.

Minimum Health Literacy

India Has One of The Lowest Health Literacy Rates in The World, With Only 10% Health Literacy. Very Few Players in The Healthcare Cares To Teach You About Your Health.

Minimum Mental Health Focus

Modern Medicine Doesn't Include Mental Health Diagnosis and Healing As Part of The Treatment(To The Best of Our Knowledge). According To WHO, 7.5%, Over 90 Million Suffers From Some Forms of Mental Health Problems.

We Serve Patients Directly. If You Are Suffering With Recurrent Health Problems For Years, And Have Tried All Treatments, Without Much Improvement, Then Lyfas Care is The Only Right Care For You.

Lyfas Care Enrollment Process Clinical Guidance is Free

We Provide You Free Clinical Guidance, and WE NEVER MISGUIDE OUR PATIENTS. We Suggest You To Enroll With Us, Only If This is Absolutely Necessary. Our Clinical Guidance Has 100% Satisfaction, Whereas We Register only 27% of Those We Guide.

We Provide You Free Clinical Guidance, and WE NEVER MISGUIDE OUR PATIENTS. We Suggest You To Enroll With Us, Only If This is Absolutely Necessary. Our Clinical Guidance Has 100% Satisfaction, Whereas We Register only 27% of Those We Guide.

The Dysfunctional Healthcare Offers Maximum Medicine With Minimum Outcome, At Maximum Cost, Giving Minimum Time, Minimum Education, Delivered With Minimum Empathy, Available To Minimum Number of People.

Lyfas Care Delivers The Care The Way It Should Be, Rather Than The WAY, IT IS. hence we provide guaranteed care and healing.

Your Expectation Vs Lyfas Delivery Care Against Online Consultancy with Medicines

Lyfas Care

Lyfas Care Advantage

Your Expectation Vs Lyfas Delivery Care Against Online Consultancy with Medicines

Dysfunctional Healthcare

Dysfunctional Healthcare Drawback

Timelines and Milestone of a Lyfas Patient's Journey before availing our services(Based on 789 Lyfas patient's survey data)

From Illness to Lyfas , A Lyfas Patient's Journey

Our Curative Health Plans(Awareness, Aspiration, Actualization) and Preventive Health(Assurance) Plan

Lyfas Pricing Plan Comparisions

  • Health Awareness Plan
  • Health Ambition Plan
  • Premium
    Health Aspiration Plan
Services Health Awareness PlanHealth Ambition Plan
Health Aspiration Plan
One Time((1 Month)
One Time(2 Months)
One Time(75 days)
Lyfas Tests
3 tests/day, 3 days at the beginning, then once a day/week/month for monitoring based on the clinician's advice.
Mind Mapping(AI)
Detailed Chronological and Overall analysis of Mind, Emotion Analytics(Anger, Aggression, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swing, Cognition, Memory, Stress, Trauma, Energy)
Predictive Analytics(AI)
Detailed Organ, Body, Lifestyle, Illness Analytics(Cardiac Health, Reproductive Health, Immunity, Bones and Muscles, Digestive System, Excretory System, Bone and Muscles, Endocrine) Highlighting current and future health risks
Sexual Health Assessment(AI+Human Experts)
Libido, Reproductive System, Stimulation, Intimacy, Desire, Performance Anxiety, Discomfort, and overall sexual health assessment and preventive, curative guidelines.
Relationship Assessment(AI+Human Experts)
Key relationships and their effect on health, includes partner dynamic, parental dynamic and peer dynamics. Suggestion on Preventive measures
Causative Assessment(Human Expert)
What exactly has happened to you? When it started? Why you have this illness? What are the factors that caused your illness? When was the onset of your illness?
Prescriptive Therapeutics (Clinician)
Minimum medicine maximum outcome based prescriptions, with major focus on simple changes in life. We do not prescribe medicines unless and until that is absolutely essential. We take no "cuts" from pharma.
Preventive Therapeutics(Clinical+Healing)
Lifestyle changes, simple mental models, easy to adopt simple models, psychological models, behavioural models towards slowing down the progress of the current illness.
Curative Therapeutics(Healing)
Heal the inflammation in the body due to prolonged psychological, physiological conditions. Healing helps regenrating the cells, reverse biological aging, and trigger the biological repair mechanism in the body to help you recover faster.
Monitoring and Insight(AI & IOT)
Regular monitoring and health trend analysis through state of art IOT based dashboard, trends, insights
Autobiographical History(DHA)
Your detailed life history, captured through sessions after sessions of calls, so that we don't miss out incorporating any small or big events into your diagnosis.
Data Driven Improvement Tracking
Monthly Follow-up
Discount on Additional Family Members25% On All Services
Advanced AI+Human Expert based Analytics of X-ray, USG, CT-Scan, MRI, Other Radiology Tests 25% Discount on all future service and for the family members(on any plan)
Blood Test, ECG, ECHO Cardio, Treadmill Stress Test Analysis
Skin, Hair, Teeth, Nail, Tongue Analysis(AI) and Care
Sleep, Dream and Nightmare Analysis, Care
Detailed Psychoanalysis
For Whom?Self-Employed, Freshers, Students who are struggling to get it right in life and wants to take better care of themselves.IT Employees, Executives, Managers, On whom A Family, Project, Team is Dependent
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Lyfas Care Clinician Team

Amazing Practicing Doctors With 87+ Years Of Combined Clinical Experience, Who Helped Building Lyfas Care.

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay DGO, Surgeon, PhD from IIT, Post Doc From NSW Acculi Lyfas Digital Health Head

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay

Head, Lyfas Care

MBBS(Calcutta Medical College), DGO, Surgeon, PhD(AI&ML) from IIT, Post Doc From NSW. Specialized in Emergency Care. Gynecology, AI&ML.

Mini Mehta Lyfas

Dr. Mini Mehta

Holistic Clinician, Homeopathy

PG. HOM (LONDON ,UK); BHMS (GGSIPU) DELHI. Palliative & Supportive Care Physician, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. GNF and PTMF Specialist.

Dr. Sandip Talukdar MBBS MRCPsych, LLM, Ph.D. UK

Dr. Sandip Talukdar

Mental Health Mentor, Advisor, Consultant

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust · Department of Psychiatry, MBBS MRCPsych MA LLM PhD

Dr. Satbir Singh Interventional Cardiologist, Surgeon

Dr. Satbir Singh

Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, Cardiology

MBBS, DNB (Gen Medicine) & DNB (Cardiology), FESC, FSCAI, MNAMS. Associate Director in Cardiology, BLK-Max, New Delhi.

Why Lyfas? How Lyfas Works? When to Use Lyfas? Lyfas Validity and Science

Know More About Us

Lyfas Mind-Body Homeostasis Assessment and Therapeutics Infographic

  • 1

    😢You Are Sad About Your Deteriorating Health

    You have been suffering for quite some time now. You have spent a lot of money and have shown many doctors. You have done almost everyone test possible, but are unable to understand what is the problem with you. Perhaps you want to heal now, or perhaps you are better than the rest of the population and just want to know your health risks beforehand so that you can take precautionary measures.

  • 2

    📇Book Your Lyfas Test

    Book Lyfas Test by filling the simple form. Finally, you are taking one great step towards your health. You will not regret, because we won't misguide you. We can't promise how much improvement you will see, but we promise that you will learn about your life and health, like never before and your quality of life will improve. This is our guarantee.

    Book your Lyfas test by filling this simple form.

  • 3

    👩🏻‍⚕️ Your Health Assistant Will Call You

    She will talk to you about your current health concerns and guide you with the right steps.

    We love talking to you and don't charge money for the same.

  • 4

    💳You Make the Payment and Register

    You make online payments and register. You will provide various other health data and records that you already have, including your prescriptions, and medical history. This is not mandatory, but the more details you share, the better our AI and Specialist Doctors diagnose you. Installation Link, along with instructions will be given to you as to how to take the test.

    Lyfas Test Screen and Technology

    Screen Showing Lyfas Test Screen and Technology. How we work on Photoplethysmography Principle and HRV

  • 5

    📱You take 3 Minute's Lyfas Test for 3 Days

    Watch how simple it is to take your Lyfas test.

  • 6

    📊 Our AI Builds Your Analytics

    Lyfas Mind-Body Analytics

    Lyfas Mind-Body Analytics Showing all the trends about your mind and health.

     Lyfas provides one of the best AI-enabled detailed analytics that you can ever get in healthcare. Physiology, Psychology, Pathology, Philosophy, Biochemistry, and Digital Phenotyping is used to provide the most comprehensive and holistic, clinically validated health snapshot.

  • 7

    👩🏻‍⚕️Your Health Assistant Takes Your History Over A Call

    Lyfas History taking sample Lyfas sample of taking history and correlating with various illness and disorders.

  • 8

    👨🏻‍⚕️You Have Clinical Consultancy for Body and Organ 👫

  • 9

    👨🏻‍🏫You Have Healer Consultancy For Mind And Emotions🧠

  • 10

    🔬 We Diagnose your Condition and Explain

  • 11

    📋 We Give You Prescription and Lifestyle Suggestion

  • 12

    📈📉 Your Data is Compared And Explained

  • 13

    📕We Close the Case After Four Consultancies Are Over

  • 14

    😁You Become Happy And Satisfied

    Our 43% of Patients have gone on to become our investors. 

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐You Rate Us

    See what our patients have talked about us!

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    🗣You Become Our Ambassador and Marketeer

    72.3% of our new patients come from referrals from existing satisfied patients.

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    👩🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏾We Stay Connected and Continue to Give You Health Assurance

  • 18

    🦸‍♂️ You Become Our Preventive Digital Health Evangelist

Experience the most extra-ordinary human-centric medical experience you ever had

We spend hours listening to you, your story, your pain, your life, your childhood, your dreams, your family, your work, and incorporate the learning into diagnosis

We know that everyone wants to talk, but no one wants to listen. Even when people listen to you, they just wait for their turn to give judgment and advice to you. We value you and your life. Therefore we listen to you, for hours and days. Your digital health assistant listens to your story and documents your life’s chronology. Our AI engine not only analyzes biomarkers from your Lyfas tests but also gathers insights from your life to present the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate medical report of yours.

Your digital health assistant follows up with you regularly and helps you through your journey of not only managing your disease but also the healing process.


If We Can't Reduce Your Pills, We Will Refund Your 100% Money.