Fixing Man's sexual health with Lyfas
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Let us define a Man’s reproductive health as his ability to desire, engage in a satisfactory sexual act, intercourse and impregnate a female mate.


1) Psychology of attraction and desire
2) Neurochemistry to trigger a desire
3) Endocrine system transport the desire from the mind to the conscious brain, and then to the organ.
4) Cardiovascular System to support the needed circulation for and during the act.
5) Reproductive system to support the act with Testosterone, and to supply adequate sperms for the result.
6) Energy transporters and adrenaline to supply the act with right energy balance.


1) Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Glutamate hormone create the Libido(desire). It is amplified by the suppression of Serotonin, GABA, and Opioids.

2) Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis(HPG) then regulates FSH(the hormone responsible for sperm management) and LH(Hormone responsible for Testosterone) to carry the desire to the reproductive organ.

3) Now, the blood infusion in the arteries must be regulated with an increase in space for blood filling to make it right. This is done by Nitric Oxide(NO) released by endothelial cells, which regulates k+ and Ca+ ions. After release, the endothelial function alters to bring it back to normal, and neurochemistry shifts to happiness state from motivation state.


1) Dopamine is related to body movement and mood. Low dopamine causes body stiffness and vice versa. High Dopamine causes mood swings and vice versa.

2) Oxytocin is a love & reward hormone. It helps in intimate relationships and boasts desire. Evolutionarily, men went out, hunted, brought back food, and desired sex as a reward.

3) Testosterone is a Conflict & Confrontation hormone. The More agreeable, disciplined, subdued, non-conformist a man is, the less testosterone is produced.

Low testosterone means, no willingness, even under desire, which then lowers the desire.

4) Anxiety, Palpitation, past trauma of failing, NO deficiency due to Sleeplessness, and high BP means less likely homeostasis in blood supply. Even in high desire, high willingness, less ability to maintain pressure for long.

5) High sugar, blood clots lead to impaired elasticity of arteries.


1) Antibiotics cause gut inflammation and thus depression and thus lowered desire.
2) Lockdown/work from home restricts body movement and impairs dopamine.
3) No hunting, no physical conquest, no desire for reward, low Oxytocin.
4) Watch news and get Anxious, increase dopamine, reduce desire.
5) More agreeable to authorities, no outside conflict, more conflict inside, less testosterone, more mood swings.
6) Steroids shooting sugar.
7) Blood Thinners impairing arterial pressures.
8) Spike proteins increase clots, improper arterial infusion.
9) Less sunlight, low Vitamin D3, reduced Ca2.
10) More mask, more CO2, less tissue strength

Now take a pack of chips and debate, “where did all men go”?

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Many medicines that are being prescribed and used in COVID have direct effects of increased fat, fatty liver, sugar, gut inflammation, and thus mood dysregulation. Zinc and vitamin overdose lead to high toxins.

Almost every lockdown measures are a direct hit at a man’s reproductive health. Work from home is a Testosterone killer. Mask is an erection killer, social distancing is an Oxytocin killer. Anxiety is a Glutamine shooter, which is a Neurotransmitter, and an increase of which totally distorts Gonadian function.

Ivermectin causes a significant decrease in serum testosterone level, sperm count, motility %, live sperm%.

Paracetamol, when used at high doses, appears to change semen quality, particularly sperm morphology.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Men, who are expected to be perfect, strong, a provider and a protector, and ready when needed will wonder in silence about what has gone wrong. They can’t and won’t seek help. They will get and feel rejected and the confidence will go for a toss.

I hope and wish that some sane men address this issue and think and act with intellectual responsibility.


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