How parent's mental health affect yours mental health

Conceive to Delivery:- How one’s mental health gets decided in the womb itself

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Mostly after marriage, people keep asking about the baby. The major focus of the relationship becomes, around having a baby. As if, this is a job, that needs to be done.

In the constant fear, the girl’s amygdala remains active, with the brain in the alert mode, and so, the egg comprises stress compensating genes.


If the mating is intimate, and the girl is in deep love, her body is full of Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphine, with perfect mood, regulated by a good level of Estradiol and low Testosterone, the egg contains “happy genes”.

If the mating is external(say IVF), the semen is preprocessed in centrifugal mechanics, separating the heavier sperms. The sperm, in its journey to fertilize the egg, doesn’t have to work hard, and thus its fitness remains poor. These are the healthy sperms, but not the fittest sperms.

Therefore the resultant embryo has genes unfolding:-

1. Fit and healthy:– If fertilization was the result of intimacy.
2. Fit and Unhealthy:- if fertilization was in the girl’s alert mode.
3. Healthy but unfit:- If it was external.

Furthermore, the father’s own mental and physical health will affect the genes in the following ways:-

1. Anxious genes:- If father suffers from anxiety and aggression.
2. Depressed genes:– If father had low Testosterone/Estradiol ratio.
3. Emotional Impairment:– If father’s TT/EST ratio was too high.
4. Cognitive impairment:– If Estradiol in father was very high.

In a nutshell, the father’s gene often will be attributed to health, whereas the mother’s (current state, mood, feelings) gene will determine the fitness.


Forget social pressure, if the couples engaged in constant infighting, doubting others, judging others, shouting, then both becomes anxious and high on Adrenaline. The resultant gene will be unhealthy and unfit both and would take birth with Metabolic disorders.


Depressive state of either of the couple means low metabolic rate, memory impairment, low dopamine, and therefore low emotional modulation. This often happens when one amongst the couple feels that the other partner doesn’t respect his/her need. Fertilization in such a state will unfold genes that slow the metabolism, with a high chance of Autism and diabetes in the new life.


The early memory of the Cerebellum is formed by decoding the emotions experienced by the embryo from the mother’s hormonal state. This early memory determines the way learning happens in the brain when the child is born.

If the couple remains intimate and happy, the baby has the best chance to be born healthy and with genes of the highest fitness.

If the mother shouts and screams, the child will have more impulsivity(due to a quick change of state).

If the mother remains depressed(for whatever reason), it will cause autistic traits in the child.

Your fate was decided, well before you were even conceived.


Most parents wash off their hands of their accountability of bringing a healthy life to the earth. Any anomaly is God’s fury, any problem in the child is unfortunate at best and due to the child. Such parents never accept that they failed to think through the consequences of their behavior and acted accordingly when they had to.

Once the child is born, they run around from one doctor to another, from psychologists to child psychiatrists to find what is wrong with their child.

Because these couples are the customers, and high-paying customers, no one holds them accountable for the child’s health. Up to the age of 12, the brain can be reprogrammed and rewired, reversing, many bad unfolded genes. Fitness can be easily changed in such genes to alter the inevitable.

However, parents who are often validation-driven don’t look for solutions, rather validation that they were not wrong in any which ways.

The prefrontal cortex has given us the advantage of thinking beyond the primates. But we have learned to use it to tell ourselves false stories. Because Serotonin is low, consciousness is low, and it all becomes stories.

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