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1. One of the primary underneath cause of borderline is Abundment Anxiety. For a girl, this starts on and around puberty. In India, mostly during and after puberty, fathers maintains a physical distance, she is deprived of warm hug and love from her hero. So, she feels ABANDONED.

2. Pregnancy often causes CPTSD. So the mother is already in stress while she is raising the kid. Due to Electra Complex, mother is in a jealous relationship with her daughter.

3. So, during the isolation and individualisation(age of 1year to 7 years), a daughter needs her father to make her feel safe in separation, and mother to be stable during integration.

But mother dumps her emotional turmoils, resulting from post-pregnancy CPTSD in the daughter.

4. Mother compensates her CPTSD by dedicating herself to son, but for daughter, unknowingly her repulsiveness is reflected by dumping emotions.

5. A guy is more visual and the girls are more imaginary.

It is during this isolation phase that a girl develops an inner world of stories, where everything is great. The mother is the villain in this world and the father is the hero.

6. If the girl’s father is unavailable, either during isolation-individualisation-integration phase, or during puberty, she creates a version of herself to protect the child in her. So her compensatory Parent self becomes fatherly.

7. This mechanism can handle the absence of father to a certain degree, but then, it becomes too much. The reality and this imaginary worlds are poles apart. That’s when switching happens.

She becomes strong, manly at one instance, deals with the situation, then she feels pain for having to deal with the situation. She wants to become girlish again.


8. Upto the age 22-25, this switching is in the form of mood swings, angry outbursts, sleeplessness, nightmares, and yes, ABANDONMENT ANXIETY.

So they have :-
a. Renal Hypertension(thus pain in bones, joints, spinal chord, pain in the calf)
b. Iron Transferrin ⬇️
c. Anemic
d. Very high to very low BP
c. Thyroid disorder( High TSH)
d. Low HDL cholesterol (as a lot is utilised for Adrenaline supply)
c. PMS and irregular period.
d. Testosterone ⬆️⬆️
e. Resting Tachycardia(Heart rate >100BPM)
f. Acute Sleep Disorder
g. Severe hairfall and hair thinning.
h. Extreme acidity.
i. Spect 20/20⬇️.


9. In the adolescence, many get a male mentor as either teacher, coach, or a caring relationship where she is treated like a daughter.

Due to this, her pain remains, but anxiety, vengeance and frustration reduces. She remains a “controlled borderline”, more like healthy.

10. The ones who do not get this person in life, tries too hard to appear strong and craves for attention. She firstly becomes neurotic.

11. Over a long time, after trying various things, when she can’t control her Neurotism, she becomes psychotic.

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