Before and After COVID-19 Anxiety distribution between male and Females in India

🤯 Females Have More Anxiety than Men in Post-COVID World! Lyfas Case Study

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Men live at least 5 years lesser than their female counterparts. The suicide rate of men is higher than females. Men have more Cardiovascular disease. Men are more stressed than females.

Well, those statistics are a thing of the past. Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd provides comprehensive mental and emotional health diagnostics, profiling, monitoring, and therapeutics. We recently compiled our data on Anxiety.

Stress is when the body or mind has to overwork(while fighting against pathogen/extreme physical work/too much thinking). The body handles stress by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and through the Cortisol hormone.

Anxiety is a mental condition of an unpredictable burst of extreme stress. Fear, Panic! So much that Cortisol can’t handle it. The heart can’t meet the demand and a palpitation starts. Thoughts are totally occupied.

Our data reveal that, since December 2020, average female Anxiety has shot super-high and has surpassed men, and is now Chronic.

Anxiety needs excess energy and unpredictable blood pressure (very high to very low).

This means more females will have Hypothyroidism, hair-fall, severe Acidity, PCOS, sleeplessness, back/neck/shoulder pain, calf-muscle pain, and so on.

Address this now, before it is too late.

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Do not take your Anxiety lightly as this is a silent killer of the heart and kidney. Anxiety is a condition that needs the body to produce a lot of Adrenaline. This creates significant stress in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adranaline axis of the body. Hypothalamus is responsible for coordinating between our Endocrine and Autonomic systems. Stress in this creates a condition called Autonomic stress, which results in the over activation of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and making one more angry and reactive.

Quick anger outbursts and hyper-reactivity amongst women cause significant internal inflammation, particularly in the kidneys and the ovary. Anxiety becomes the root cause of a chain reaction of cascading effects in the body, that after a time becomes irreversible.

If you are suffering from anxiety and palpitation, take the Lyfas service.

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