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Let’s say you are on a footpath, no food, no shelter, no clothes, no water. What is it that you will do?

Now imagine that you have everything, in a five-star, traveling by private jet, wearing Rolex, what is that same thing that you will still be doing?

That’s your identity.

You might be painting every day, talking, making things, reading, learning, but this one thing will be common to everything you ever have done in life.

This is your identity, the bare minimum you. This is you, when all the other masks of profession, degree, assets, religion, gender, caste, nationality, everything is removed. A high-level conscious function called “Self” protects the core and makes you aware of it.

💡You are, what you are, when you have nothing, and “you are nothing”!


Image is a perception about you, the “dress and makeup” over the identity that you put, to present a version of you through which people understand, recognize, the identity you.

Doctors, Engineers, Employees, Founders, businessmen are images. Leadership is an image. You present a version of yourself. Most often or not, people live to create and manage this image.

This image is protected by a function called EGO. Ego is a lower level consciousness and protects the opinions and views that construct the image.


The process of totally bypassing the self, and living for the image is called objectification. “I am a woman”. “I am a doctor”. “I am strong an Independent”. “I am a thought leader”, “CEO”, “Musician”, “Loving person”, all are images.

We firstly objectify ourselves to an image and then live a life to keep that image intact.


Even creating an image needs years of work. Now, when that image is subjected to pressure, or you may need to work against that perception, (say you are perceived as a strong lady, and you suffer emotional turmoil every day), your Image, and thus Ego collapses. What remains is arrogance, the lowest level of consciousness that protects the biological animal in you.


Self-awareness eliminates fear, as you know that you exist, even when nothing else that you have today remains.

Once Self is gone, Ego takes over. Ego is under the pressure of performance, as the image is “thing and opinion-based”. This makes you more rigid to new ideas and learnings.

When Ego is collapsed, your brain somehow wants to maintain your existence through a few opinions. This always remains under constant threat of judgment.

Arrogance is the last layer of defense, and when it is crushed, you become disconnected from yourself. Life makes no sense, and you become depressed.


From parents to schools, to society have all asked you “what you are”, “what you want to become”. In simple words, everyone from your childhood has taught you to objectify yourself and become a thing.

Pursue being you, not becoming a thing.

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Now it is your time to take a pause and look at what you are doing. If you are complaining that someone has hurt you, disturbed you, cheated you, then they have actually dented your image. Your ego is hurt.

If you are living under the threat and fear of being judged, and if you are reacting, shouting, becoming silent, then your arrogance is crushed.

The moment when what people say, becomes your focal point, and that you are looking for constant attention, admiration, adulation, affirmation, be very worried because you are at the last layer of your defense.

Arrogance is controlled by Mid-brain Amygdala and is executed through the Lizard brain. You act like a lizard, always in flight and fight mode. So, you will get exhausted in not more than 6m-1year.

If you are complaining about being hurt, get aware of your Neo-cortex managed Ego becoming unstable. You must act against your instincts and prevent the urge.

Self is managed by the pre-frontal cortex, the human brain, and is the way your brain is wired. You need no energy to maintain it.

Brain rewiring needs years or decades, and can’t be achieved either by medicines or by talks and advice. Once you are in the arrogance layer, you are set up for disassociation from yourself.

Image vs Identity, Ego vs Core, Self Awareness


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