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1. If she remembers her life’s chronology, she has a core. In such a case she can be healed, provided she can be taken away from her mother.

2. One has to play the role of her mentor, go deep into her mental space, alter the stories there and make a reality that resonates with the story. The “mentor” needs to handle her mood swings and help her remain happier(Serotonin reduces Cortisol, Adrenaline and thus helps to reduce Neuroticism).

Then one has to help her change the perspective of her childhood to get rid of her childhood trauma. She needs to be helped to pursue a goal in life to get recognition and identify self-worth.

3. No medicine or counseling can change her inner world. She is an ocean of emotions. Core to borderline is Switching between very high emotions to drained emotions. The initial phase of the relationship always looks extraordinary, then handling her emotions, particularly with age gets harder and harder.

The only way of therapy is:-

1. Help her regulate emotions.
2. Take away her decision anxiety.
3. Don’t exhaust her in high-energy interactions.
4. Help her to have a good social circle.
5. Help her understand her inner feelings.
6. Separate her from her mother.

For entire life

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